Inside Projects


Enjoy Interior Painting Made Easy The original PaintStick can paint an 8’ x 8’ wall in under a minute without having to use a tray which means less mess and more control over the delivery of paint roller you control the flow by pushing. The newest innovation for the PaintStick is the EZ-Twist which is a more ergonomic way to deliver paint to the wall by simply twisting the end of the stick instead of pushing. Both products offer added reach, so painting 8’ ceilings from the floor is no problem. With HomeRight, Clean Up is Always a Snap! Using HomeRight products not only makes the prep and painting process easier, but the clean up is also easy. In just seconds, the QuickMask drop cloth removes once the paint dries. Clean up with the QuickPainter and PaintStick takes only a few minutes and conveniently stores for your next painting project.