The Most Fun You Can Have With Ugly Wallpaper & SteamMachine by Big Binder

As posted by Big Binder on February 6, 2013

The Most Fun You Can Have With Ugly Wallpaper {SteamMachine}

When we decided to move to a farm, it was fun deciding important things such as how many pigs we would buy and what we would name our horses.  Then reality set in, and we looked around our current house to see what we need to do before we move.

And then it wasn’t fun anymore.

I took on the task of stripping the very ugly wallpaper in the bathroom.  I am really not gifted in the home repair area at all, and it’s the one thing I (probably) will not mess up.  When we moved in, I stripped the very ugly wallpaper in the kitchen, and I remember feeling slightly tipsy from the fumes of the chemical used to dissolve the wallpaper glue. I think walls naturally resist very ugly wallpaper, and an extra measure of glue needs to be used to adhere it.  This makes scraping very ugly wallpaper off an extra burden.

The Big Binder Wallpaper before the SteamMachine

This was not a job I was eagerly anticipating.  Just when I had run out of excuses to commence scraping, the very, very good people at Home Right told me they had a new product.  The mighty little SteamMachine; a power steamer that would steam the very ugly wallpaper off of my walls, and also clean the floors, the oven, and the grill.  And then they asked if I would like to try it for myself. Oh yes.  Yes, I would.

Not being remotely mechanically inclined, it was an achievement for me to properly assemble the steam plate.  This consists of using two screws to secure a diffuser, but if you knew just now untalented I was in this are you would be proud of me.

Then I got to steamin’.  First, I used the same little handheld scoring thingy I had previously used in the kitchen.  The rest of the process was completely different, and way less awful.  The SteamMachine, using no chemicals whatsoever, steamed that ugly wallpaper right up using pressurized steam. You just hold the steam plate up to a section, hold it there for about 20 seconds, and the wallpaper is loosened.

HomeRight SteamMachine removing wallpaper

Some spots I had to scrape a little, but most of it just kind of peeled off.  I really wanted a big, splashing “before and after” set of pictures for you, but I seem to live in the land of the perpetual snow day.  Two kids and a dog joining me in the tiny bathroom has not been terribly productive {Whatcha doin? Can I use that little scoring thing? MOOOOMMM he got to score it and I didn’t.  Woof!“, but now that we have warmed up to a balmy 11 degrees out side I am really on a roll.

SteamMachine with attachments Big Binder

Look at what I was able to do with the SteamMachine in 2 1/2 hours!

Big Binder Wallpaper removal after 2.5 hours

Any spots that didn’t lift easily or come up with scraping I steamed again for a few seconds and it came right off.  The steamer comes with a measuring cup and a funnel.  Once the water has run out (it lasts for about 40 minutes), you have to let the steamer cool down.  It took about 10 minutes.  Then once you put more water in, you have to let it heat back up.  That also took about 10 minutes.  I didn’t mind this at all; I just used the time to take a little break and clean up the scraps of ugly wallpaper.

There are several different attachments for all of your steaming and sanitizing needs.  That’s an especially comforting thought during this tough flu season! I know this will come in handy for the rest of the projects we have to do before we move (like cleaning tiles) as well as in the new house. The attachments fit in a little section of the front of the steamer itself, so you won’t lose them.

HomeRight SteamMachine AccessoriesHomeRight SteamMachine AccessoriesHomeRight SteamMachine Mop HeadSteamMachine Mop Head and Squeegee

It’s very sturdy and the handle lifts up so you can carry it. I really loved that the handle was easy to make longer or shorter, depending on which section of the wall I was working on.

HomeRight SteamMachine

The retail price is $99.00 and it has enough different uses to warrant buying it.  Add in that you don’t need special detergents or chemicals and you have a handy little machine that lets you get your ugly wallpaper removed quickly so you can get back to more important things.  Like choosing horse names.