HomeRight Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer
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HomeRight® Finish Max® HVLP Sprayer
HomeRight Finish Max Sprays Railings Quickly
HomeRight Finish Max Sprays Kitchen Cabinets Quickly

Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer


The Command Max is now the Finish Max Fine Finish HVLP Sprayer, new name same great sprayer. This Fine Finish HVLP sprayer means that it has a high–volume, low-pressure, and this technology uses a high-volume of air at a low-pressure to apply a professional looking finish. The low pressure assures less overspray. This equates to a sprayer that will direct the finish where you want it — on your project. Precision volume control and adjustable sprayer patterns mean the Finish Max is great for cabinets, furniture and woodworking projects. Use this Fine Finish Sprayer with clear sealer, polyurethane, primer, stain and varnish. 

The three-way spray setting gives the user precision control. For spraying up and down, align the tabs to the vertical position. Rotate the tabs to a horizontal position for spraying side to side. To spray irregular surfaces, adjust the tabs to a 45-degree angle, and you’ll get maximum control by regulating the paint flow. Adjusting the trigger control knob can change your spray pattern from 1” to 6” wide.

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