Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Tips

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Tips

At HomeRight, painting is our passion. From airless sprayers and hot air tools to our popular PaintStick and much more, we have the right painting equipment to help you – the DIYer – to get the job done quickly, efficiently and affordably.

Why use a HomeRight Paint Applicator instead of a traditional brush or roller for interior painting projects? 

Painting a room, ceiling or the exterior of a house can be an overwhelming task. However, once completed, it has a dramatic impact for a minimal investment. 

For years, people have used a traditional paint brush and roller to complete a large or small painting project. Depending on the size of the project, it can take hours, days or even weeks to complete depending on the project’s size. Over the 25 years of HomeRight’s existence, we’ve developed some key tools that help complete projects quicker, easier and with a lot less mess and hassle.

It’s All in the Preparation

The preparation of a surface is just as important as painting itself. That’s why HomeRight developed QuickMask. QuickMask combines durable poly drop cloth and masking tape in a single dispenser for added ease and convenience. 

The HomeRight QuickMask comes in both a 21” drop cloth attached and a 56” drop cloth attached. Or if you’re looking for paper alternative, try the HomeRight QuickMask Paper; it has a 7” piece of paper attached to the masking tape. QuickMask speeds up the prep process, allowing you to mask off and lay out your drop cloths in one single step.

HomeRight also developed the QuickPainter, a tool that makes cutting-in quick and easy. The QuickPainter holds paint in the handle, allowing you to control delivery of paint to the 3” pad. It’s perfect for cutting in around the trim of doors and windows. The QuickPainter Pad is made of long-lasting neoprene for professional-quality that doesn’t leave annoying brush marks.

Enjoy Interior Painting Made Easy

The original PaintStick can paint an 8’ x 8’ wall in under a minute without having to use a tray which means less mess and more control over the delivery of paint roller you control the flow by pushing. The newest innovation for the PaintStick is the EZ-Twist which is a more ergonomic way to deliver paint to the wall by simply twisting the end of the stick instead of pushing. Both products offer added reach, so painting 8’ ceilings from the floor is no problem. 

With HomeRight, Clean Up is Always a Snap!

Using HomeRight products not only makes the prep and painting process easier, but the clean up is also easy. In just seconds, the QuickMask drop cloth removes once the paint dries. Clean up with the QuickPainter and PaintStick takes only a few minutes and conveniently stores for your next painting project.