How To Videos

Video 1 or 2 in a video series by Linn from Darbin Notes built a nightstand/dresser with p

Learn how easy painting a ceiling can be with the HomeRight PaintStick. Thrift Diving shows you just how to do it. 

Debbie from Refresh Restyle uses the SteamMachine Plus to steam clean her floors and mattress. 

The Darbin Orvar Channel on YouTube featured the Finish Max Sprayer for sealing a reclaimed rustic coffee table that she ma

Sereah from Thrift Diving says the oven is one of those places you never think about cleaning regularly.

Video 2 of 2 in this video series showing how-to build and finish a small dresser/nightstand.

Linn from Darbin Notes gives a shop update and tests the HomeRight Finish Max spra

Living Rich on Less uses the HomeRight SteamMachine Plus to clean without using chemicals.