10 Amazing Thrifted Furniture Makeovers
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Monday, January 28, 2019

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The best part about having old furniture is you can always make it your own with a little bit of paint! Thrift stores, curbsides or even your own home often yield the best furniture to remodel. Check out these awesome ideas from people who love transforming furniture for cheap!

1. Dining Room Set

This beautiful dining room set used to be ready for the trash before it was saved with paint and reupholstering work!

10 Amazing Thrifted Furniture Remodels

2. Bookcase

We love the mixed pinks and blues of this upcycled bookcase! A lot of easy techniques went into this adorable makeover. 

Updated Bookcase: 10 Unique Thrift Store Furniture Makeovers for Cheap

3. End Table

Can you believe that this little end table was originally bought from the Goodwill for $2? You should check out the before picture! 

Metallic Side Table: Check Out These 10 Stunning Remodeled Furniture Makeovers

4. Armoire

You can even find big pieces of furniture on the curb or at the thrift store! Trust us, this armoire didn't always look so pretty. 

Furniture Big and Small! Check out these 10 amazing thrifted furniture makeovers

5. Chair

You might be horrified by the before photo, but we're loving the new look of this rocking chair. 

Rocking Chairs: 10 Amazing Furniture Remodels You Don't Want to Miss

6. Table

This table was found for only $5 at the thrift store and then updated with paint and contact paper. So cute! 

10 Easy Furniture Makeovers On The Cheap

7. Dresser

This used to be a plain, boring dresser and then we updated it with glitter...yes, GLITTER! 

 Glitter Dresser: 10 Crazy Easy Furniture Transformations You Need to Try

8. Porch Furniture

Even shambled or aged porch furniture can be brought back to life if you have paint or stain! Isn't this gorgeous?

 Porch Furniture: 10 Thrift Store Ideas For Your Home

9. Crib

There's no limit to what you can save with a little bit of DIY magic! We're glad this baby crib wasn't thrown to the curb. 

Baby Crib: 10 Trash to Treasure Furniture Transformations for Beginners

10. Backyard Furniture

This outdoor metal table had seen better days, but was given new life again with paint!

Outdoor Furniture: 10 Beautiful Furniture Restorations

We hope you enjoyed these furniture makeover ideas and hopefully it will save you money the next time you want to Do-It-Yourself! Of course, all of these projects can easily be accomplished with the:

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