3 Easy Ways to Clean Your HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer
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Skaie Knox
Wednesday, November 21, 2018

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3 Easy Ways to Clean Your HomeRight Finish Max Paint Sprayer 

Written & Photographed by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

How to Clean a Paint Sprayer 

Just this past weekend I built my second fence ever - a garden fence and boy, is it cute! If not for my hand-dandy HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer, it would have taken me days, not just a weekend, to measure, cut, paint and install this new architectural accent.

How to Clean a Paint Sprayer 

Because I wanted it to tie in with our neighbor’s nook bench and beautiful spruced-up steps railing, I ended up painting everything but the kitchen sink.

Though, coincidentally, I cleaned my paint sprayer in one!

So, by the time I was done with this project, I had the cleaning of this terrific tool down. Admittedly, when I was faced with cleaning my sprayer the first (and second and third) time, the task seemed a bit daunting - so much so, that I almost gave in to the pressure of doing it right and nearly tossed it in the trash!

Yikes, right?!?

But, as my mom always says, “Keep at it! You’ll get the hang of it if you just keep trying!” 

So, with this in mind and with my bag of “keep-at-it-know-how” tricks, I thought I’d share them with y’all, along with three super easy ways to clean your Finish Max paint sprayer.

#1 Garage or Kitchen Sink

How to Clean a Paint Sprayer 

If you’re lucky to have the luxury of a garage sink, cleaning your sprayer is pretty straight forward. For me, I’ve been forced to clean brushes*, tools, and my HomeRight paint sprayer in my kitchen sink. Yep. It can be a bit messy, but, I discovered a way to keep the paint splashing down to a very minimal and occasional sprinkle. 

*Be sure to wipe off as much excess paint from brushes and rollers as possible before cleaning. Use the side of a paint can, paper towels or the HomeRight Paint Roller Cleaning Kit.

Here are the simple steps to cleaning your sprayer:

IMPORTANT TIP! Always clean your paint sprayer after EACH use! Do not wait hours or the next day, as the paint can dry and be very difficult to remove.

1. Empty and clean out your paint container. 

How to Clean a Paint Sprayer 

First, pour any excess paint into a sealable container to use at another time or create an “excess paint” can for old paint to be dried naturally and ultimately disposed of properly. 

According to our city’s rules and regulations if you are using oil-based OR water-based paint, DO NOT empty ANY amount into the sink as they are BOTH is a hazardous materials. Check with your city or local waste disposal service on safe and proper ways to dispose of oil- and water-based paints, thinners and solvents. Read this helpful article by greenopedia.com on more environmental tips on cleaning up paint.

How to Dispose of Paint 

2. Remove, then clean the suction tube.

How to Clean an HVLP Paint Sprayer 

Using the cleaning brush makes this task a cinch!

3. Fill container with clean water.

Filling container with clean water for cleaning 

4. Spray excess paint from the paint sprayer. 

Removing paint from a paint sprayer 

Here’s how easy it is:

a. Re-attach suction tube to sprayer.

b. Screw water-filled container back onto sprayer.

c. TIP: place a few paper towels into the sink to avoid paint spraying onto counters.

d. Plug in paint sprayer, spray into paper towels until spray is clear (no paint).

e. Unplug, then unscrew container and empty. Then, remove suction tube. Set those aside to dry.

5.  Remove, then wipe clean air cap, air cap ring and inner spacer. Set aside to dry.

How to Clean a Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer 

6. Use pliers to gently unscrew the spray tip. 

Cleaning a HomeRight paint sprayer 

7. IMPORTANT! Clean spray tip inside and out. 

How to Clean a Paint Sprayer (The Easy Way!) 

Use the cleaning brush to remove any paint from the inside, then use your fingernail or gentle scrub sponge to remove paint from the outside of the tip. To really ensure the tip is clear, use a toothpick to clean. This is super important to keep the flow of paint smooth and consistent.

8. Use the cleaning brush to clean inflow port on the sprayer. 

Best Way to Clean a HomeRight Paint Sprayer 

Place items out to dry, then reattach parts.

#2 Bucket

This is a method I’ll be using next time, as I just bought an extra 5 gallon bucket from Home Depot - perfect for cleaning out my sprayer.

Simply follow steps 1-4 above, but use a bucket for step #4. 

Note: to be extra environmentally friendly, after cleaning your sprayer, allow paint to settle at the bottom of your bucket. Then, empty the top water into your garage or kitchen sink. Pour the remaining paint into your “excess paint” can to dry naturally.

#3 Rapid Clean

Easiest Way to Clean a Paint Sprayer

Now, mind you, you’ll still need a bucket (or you can use in a sink) for this HomeRight cleaning accessory, but, you won’t need electricity...just a hose. 

Here’s what you do:

1. Remove the container cup and suction tube (or pick-up tube), then clean them out as directed in step 1 above.

2. Securly tighten black faucet attachment to garden hose or utility sink.

3. Place clamps onto both ends of tubing.

4. Connect one end of tubing to black faucet attachment then clamp.

5. Connect other end of tubing to paint suction tube, then clamp.

6. Turn on water flow, then press and hold the spray trigger.

7. Hold until water is free of paint or stain.

8. Follow steps 6-7 to finish properly cleaning your sprayer!


Visit and watch HomeJelly’s Rapid Clean full how-to video.

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