5 Grilling Mistakes to Avoid This Summer Season
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Rachel Teodoro
Friday, July 27, 2018

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If you plan on hosting a backyard BBQ this summer, then you need to check out these 5 common grilling mistakes to avoid! Living in Minnesota, we only get a few prime grilling months each year so we have to make every BBQ night count. This is why we love these tips from Rachel Teodoro on what to avoid when grilling. 

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1. Not Cleaning a Public Grill

There's nothing worse than going out for a BBQ in the park and cooking on a gross, used grill! Rachel recommends that you start your BBQ off right by always cleaning the grill beforehand.

She says you can do this by taking a wadded up piece of aluminum foil and rubbing down the grill grate. If you're at home, you can also use a cleaning tool like the SteamMachine to get your grill clean in no time! 

2. Using Lighter Fluid

No one likes the taste of chemicals on their food! This is why Rachel recommends using a chemical-free alternative like the ElectroLight fire starter to start your charcoal grill. This charcoal starter uses nothing but super-heated air to have your grill ready to go in minutes. 

5 Common Grilling Mistakes to Avoid This Summer

3. Adding Food to the Grill Too Soon

Rachel says you should wait until all of the coals are covered in grey ash before adding your food. Rushing this process can produce unpredictable cooking times.

Mistakes to avoid when cooking food on a charcoal grill

4. Using Too Much Direct Heat

Always consider what type of meat you're cooking with when you're grilling. Some foods require direct heat while others cook much better over indirect heat. 

5. Lifting the Lid Too Often

Resist the urge to check your food and leave the lid on when cooking on a charcoal grill. Lifting the lid every minute to check on your food will affect the amount of heat that is being applied to your food. 

We hope these grilling tips from Rachel Teodoro helped! Be sure to head to her blog for more great ideas and home inspiration!


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Grilling Mistakes to Avoid During a Backyard BBQ

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