5 Ways the HomeRight Medium Spray Shelter Changed My DIY Life
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Skaie Knox
Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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5 Ways the HomeRight Medium Spray Shelter Changed My DIY Life

Written & Photographed by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

Using the HomeRight pop up spray tent to create a geometric table

Today, I’ll be sharing my experience with HomeRight’s Medium Spray Shelter and how it’s quite literally changed my DIY life. But first, I believe a little backstory might be handy to give y’all a little context to this claim.

It was, I believe, 4 or 5 years ago when I realized how I came to be a DIYer. I mean, as a Southern California native, surfer girl, springboard/platform diver-turned-snow skier, singer/songwriter and travel enthusiast, it didn’t make much sense at the time that I’d find myself so enamored with making and rehabbing furniture, styling, sewing, gardening, cooking and crafting.

But then…

When my Aunt Mim moved out of her longtime home and into a senior community, I started reflecting upon all she had done for me. Moreover, what all my born and raised, Minnesota farming aunties, uncles, grandparents and mother had taught me. 

You might have guessed it: making and rehabbing furniture, styling, sewing, gardening, cooking and crafting.

Their salt-of-the-earth, hands-on upbringing was lovingly (though, sometimes begrudgingly) passed on to me, resulting in an unexpected toolbox of knowledge, know-how and appreciation for handmade, attention-to-detail DIYing!

Thanks Aunt Mim, Mom and all my Karstad kin!

With this in mind, when I come across a tool that helps me to do what I love, make what I love look amazing and do-it-myself much easier, it does change my life!

Here now are 5 ways the HomeRight Medium Spray Shelter did just so:

#1: It’s so easy to use!  This shelter opens in literal seconds. Actually, it POPS! open! The extra bonus...it’s FUN to POP! It open! That, in itself is a game-changer and saves me time and effort whenever I need to paint or stain a project.

Protect Your Surroundings From Overspray Drift with the Medium Spray Shelter 

#2: It’s convenient for different sized projects. This is what I really love most about this paint pal - thanks to it’s  4'7” W x 4'7” D x 5'6” H dimensions, I can really do anything from small to medium-sized projects, from spray painting to sanding, staining and, what we often overlook, drying. 

Using the HomeRight spray shelter to paint a table

#3. It keeps my projects clean and free of debris. As mentioned in #2, when planning out our to-do list, we often forget about the importance of keeping our drying projects free from dust and debris. This super shelter does that in spades and can even accommodate several projects in one. 

Painting Furniture with the Super Finish Max HVLP Paint Sprayer and the HomeRight Medium Spray Shelter

#4. Reduces overspray. Yech. The dreaded overspray mishap can instantly put a damper on the thrill of DIYing, but with this shelter, it not only captures the drift, it reminds us to be aware as to where we set up our painting station in the first place and where we point our sprayers. Tip: to keep shelter from getting overly messy from paint, place down a tarp. (Bear-Bear not included.)

Upcycling furniture with the HomeRight spray shelter

5. Compact storage. If you’re like me, storage is a premium, and more tools often means more clutter. But, because this shelter folds up like an efficient origami disc (24” diam. X 3 ½” deep), it can easily be slid into a very slim-sized area or shelf. Watch this handy video that shows you how to close up the HomeRight Spray Shelter Air Flow. It’s a tad smaller, but the closing steps are the same.

HomeRight Medium Spray Shelter for Spray Painting Projects

I was recently tasked to makeover a soon-to-be trashed octagonal table and fortunately was able to use my HomeRight Medium Spray Shelter AND Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer. You can watch the whole project title, “Trashed Tabletop Makeover Goes from Garbage to Geometric Gem” on HomeJelly. Here’s the beautiful result:

Octagonal table made with the HomeRight Medium paint tent

Watch the full video here:  

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