Air Flow Spray Paint Shelter Keeps Dust and Debris Off Projects
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Skaie Knox
Monday, August 27, 2018

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Air Flow Spray Paint Shelter Keeps Dust ‘n Debris Off Projects

Written, Photographed & Video by Skaie Knox, HomeJelly

Air Flow Paint Shelter Keeps Dust 'n Debris Off Projects

Like clockwork, around 1:15pm every afternoon, the ocean breeze begins to wrestle awake the leaves on our backyard trees. It’s lovely and even seems to cool down the heat of the high-hanging sun - a coastal-living perk we Californians never take for granted.

But with the ocean breeze come dust and debris - a DIYer’s nemesis to creating smooth, unblemished finishes. Enter: the HomeRight Spray Shelter Air Flow.

It’s amazing how good tools can make DIYing soooo much easier, fast and professional-looking. Take today’s goods ‘n gadget. This pop-up painting pal is perfect for small to medium projects and has some excellent features:

1. Easy-to-Open: this tent-like paint shelter is super light and pops open in seconds. It’s so fast, it opens in a blur!

Opening Air Flow spray shelter paint booth to protect workshop from overspray

2. Flexible locations: because it’s lightweight and 35” W x 30” D x 39” H, it’s able to be placed on a workbench, floor, or countertop. I often use my card table, drape it with a drop cloth, then place my paint shelter on top. Easy-peasy.

Spray painting projects in a spray shelter

Tip: to keep your shelter from blowing off the table, look for the “O” tabs on each corner of the shelter. Here, you can attach a spring clamp or thread a carabiner through it to then hang something weighted. 

3. Keeps projects dust free: outfitted with straps to insert a 20" x 20" box fan on the outside and a 20" x 20" Merv 8 filter on the inside, this shelter sucks dust and debris out and away from your projects (fan and filter not included).

Fan and filter to collect dust and paint overspray from diy projects
Best paint spray booth to have when painting DIY craft projects
Keep your workspace clean by using a fan and filter attached to the HomeRight spray shelter air flow

4. Improves airflow and ventilation: thanks to the fan and filter option, airborne paint, stain and finish particles are moved away from your work and breathing area. 

⚠️ WARNING: Explosion Hazard: Do not spray flammable paints or materials while using an exhaust fan. Spray only water-based products.

When you look on your spray paint cans, check to see in the “CLEAN UP” section if you need to use mineral spirits. Typically, this indicates that the paint is oil-based. Do not use this type of spray paint when using the fan - but feel free to use the shelter without it!

Painting with the HomeRight Super Finish Max paint sprayer in the spray shelter paint tent

5. It’s so compact and easy to store: with a squeeze, fold, twist, and flip, this spray shelter compacts into a 15” x 1 ¼” disc (watch video for how-to pack up).

Compact and lightweight portable paint booth for DIY and crafting projects

Here’s a video demonstrating these’s such a breeze to use! To see the items that I painted in this shelter, head to the HomeJelly blog. 

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