Back to School Crafting Caddy Project
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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Project Steps

The school season has begun and it feels like parents everywhere are scrambling to stay sane and organized! We take all the help where we can get it, which is why we love this DIY Galvanized Caddy Project by Marissa from Squirrels of a Feather! 

DIY Craft Caddy Painted with Galvanized Spray Paint

She found this cheap $6 caddy from Goodwill when they can normally run for $20+ anywhere else when bought brand new! This is what the caddy looked like when Marissa bought it:

Easy Crafting Caddy Makeover Project with Spray Paint

It's way too red, right? With a little bit of galvanized spray paint, Marissa made it look so much better! Since she lives in a townhouse community, she had to be super careful when painting so that the overspray didn't wander over to her neighbors' houses. Luckily she had the HomeRight Small Spray Shelter! 

HomeRight Small Spray Shelter for Protecting Areas from Overspray

The Small Spray Shelter pops into position to be used almost instantly and is great for protecting your surrounding workspace from overspray drift. It can be used in a garage, workshop, indoors, or on a driveaway so it was perfect for Marissa when she painted this caddy!

How to spray paint galvanized metal paint in a small spray shelter paint booth

After painting a few coats, Marissa's caddy looked brand new! Now she has the perfect place to store her childrens' crafting supplies this school year. Head to the Squirrels of a Feather blog for more details on this fun project! 

DIY Crafting Caddy for an Easy Back to School Project

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