Backyard S'mores Party with the ElectroLight
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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Project Steps


This gooey, summer project was written by Cassie and Sadie from Clover Lane Blog

To me, summer is all about the backyard parties. A good BBQ always ends with a s'more, right?! I hosted this adorable S'mores party in May with my sister Cassie and it was such a blast! I love looking back on the photos.

Step 1

Some of my favorite memories from childhood are sitting around a fire with my family and friends. To me, that is summer in a nutshell.

Step 2

Who is the honorary fire starter in your home? At mine it was always my dad or brother. Now the task is my husband's. Luckily, I can take over that role now thanks to the ElectroLight. It is truly the easiest, safest way for me to light coals or wood on fire.

Step 3

My most favorite thing about the Electrolight is the simplicity. Look at this. There's nothing complicated about getting your fire going!

-Plug it in

-Point the starter end toward whatever you are lighting

-Push down the red switch

-Hold it there until you see smoke or fire.

Step 4

It took ours around 2 minutes to completely light the wood and see those big flames. It is truly as simple as that. Look at those big, beautiful flames. Perfect for roasting some nicely browned, fluffy marshmallows or a nice hot dog dinner.

We've used our ElectroLight numerous times since we got it. Besides being a great bonfire tool, it starts charcoal for smoking and barbequing like a dream!! We have a charcoal chimney that pairs great with the ElectroLight. It took a lot of starter fluid to get the charcoal going before the ElectroLight came into our lives. That is no longer needed….and thank goodness because I hate the smell! You'll find that the only thing you may not like about the ElectroLight is that you'll most likely be fighting your significant other about whose turn it is to start the fire tonight.

Step 5

Here are a few fun s'more combos for your next cookout. It's fun to get creative with your s'mores options:

-Fudge striped cookies on the outside and a toasted marshmallow on the inside

-Reese peanut butter cup and a toasted marshmallow in between 2 graham crackers

-Milk chocolate caramel and toasted marshmallow in between 2 graham crackers

-Chocolate covered grahams with a toasted marshmallow

Throw the perfect smores party in your own backyard by following these quick and easy steps

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