Bar Stool Makeover that Stands the Test of Time (and kids)
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Thursday, March 8, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • DecoArt Curb Appeal Paint in Colonial Black
  • Super Finish Max

Project Steps


We recently found these bar stools tucked away in our warehouse and on a whim decided to give them a quick makeover. The issue is items like bar stools get used a lot, so we needed a material that would stand the test of time and not wear off easily. For this reason, we decided to use DecoArt Curb Appeal in Colonial Black color. The thinking is that if it is durable enough to use on a front door it will stand up to kids using the stools. This is seriously one of the easiest makeovers we have ever done; it literally took about an hour.

Step 1

Load the Super Finish Max sprayer with Curb Appeal paint. We only used this one container and we had some left over. We used the Green 2.0mm tip that comes installed on the sprayer and we DID NOT thin the paint at all. The material sprayed nicely and we did adjust the flow control a bit to get the perfect spray pattern.

Step 2

We sprayed 3 light coats of paint on each of these stools, starting by spraying the bottom side first, then moving onto the top. We let each coat dry about 5-10 minutes in-between coats. This seriously is the simpliest makeover ever. The top of these stools are vinyl and the paint covered nicely on this area as well. Now we need to find a good home for these pieces. 

This quick and easy bar stool makeover is something you can easily accomplish in under an hour! We love how these bar stools turned out, but we're more in love with the fact that they're kid-proof and will last for years to come!

Bar stool makeover with the super finish max paint sprayer

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