Bathroom Makeover with the Quick Painter Pad Edger with Flow Control
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Friday, December 21, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Quick Painter Pad Edger
  • Latex Bath Paint
  • 2 inch angled brush for hard to reach corner
  • painter’s tarp

Project Steps


The best thing about paint, is it makes for a fast and easy makeover! The last time we had painted our main bathroom was when it went through a remodel with a new tile floor in 2011. It just felt like it was time to give it a new life. It’s such a small space, that it didn’t make sense to pull out a huge roller and tray, but the HomeRight Quick Painter Pad Edger was the perfect way to give it a quick coat of paint with out all of the bulky mess.

Step 1

Always read proper operating and safety instructions for the HomeRight Quick Paint Edge Painter. Prep walls by cleaning, and sanding, and patching/spackling if necessary.

Step 2

Fill the Quick Painter with paint easily by detaching the pad attachment, putting the fill tube into the paint, holding the trigger, and pull the yellow handle at the same time. It’s quick and easy to fill the paint tube! Replace the Pad Edge attachment to the top, and you’re ready to paint!

Step 3

Hold the Quick Painter against the wall, and depress the trigger to bring paint to the surface of the pad, and start painting. Pull the painter in one direction evenly, with one-side against the edge of the trim.

Step 4

The painter is not only perfect to cut in at edge, but to fill in the middle areas on a small space as well. To bring more paint to the pad, simply squeeze the trigger while the pad is against the wall. (Make sure the edge pad is always against the wall when depressing the trigger! Don’t make my mistake, otherwise you might end up with paint splattering!)

Step 5

The Quick Painter also works well for edging wainscoting, and smaller flat surfaces such as cabinet fronts with a smooth finish.

I love the updated look with the darker paint! To see the full makeover, You can visit me at The Quick Painter made painting my bathroom a quick and easy job, with minimal clean up, and almost no dripping issues! To clean, I just detached the top attachment rinsed it until the water ran clear. Then, for the paint reservoir, I filled and refilled with clean water, and emptied the tube a few times using the yellow handle while holding the trigger, until the water was clean, and let dry. So fast and easy!

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