Best Paints to Use with the Finish Max Sprayer
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Gail Wilson
Friday, December 18, 2015
Materials Needed: 
  • Use any paint you have on hand, no need to buy more paint

Project Steps

homeright-finish-max-best-paints   If you’re not familiar with the Homeright Finish Max you’re missing out! It’s an electric paint sprayer that gives you THE best fine finish—it will amaze you, no matter what kind of paint you’re using. Finish Max by HomeRight cropped   finish-max-latex-paint This is the first project I ever I completed with the HomeRight CommandMax way back in the beginning, this sweet little black gossip bench.   tools-for-finish-maxI used Behr Premium Plus Ultra in Semi-Gloss on that very first project and it is still my favorite paint to use on furniture projects.   wipe-on-polyBecause Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint IS wall paint, I like to give an added layer of protection on items that will get a lot of use. Wipe-On poly is a great option.   Latex paint isn’t the only paint you can use in your Homeright Finish Max!   supplies for spraying chalkboardsIf you love a great chalkboard, with a perfectly smooth finish, then the Finish Max is the tool you need! Chalkboard & Display EaselMass produced artwork like this one from the 60’s and 70’s is readily available at thrift stores. I sprayed the chalkboard paint directly onto the cardboard with the Finish Max. You can’t get a finish like this using a brush. Yes, you could use spray paint, but using chalkboard paint out of a can in a paint sprayer is so much more economical. For more details, you can check out my post Using a FinishMax with Chalkboard Paint.     oil-based-primer-finishmaxTo be honest, my least favorite paint is oil based paint. However, when doing cabinets, it’s a necessary evil. updated-kitchen-cabinetsIf you have a kitchen makeover in your future, a FinishMax will make your project go much smoother. Remember if you use oil based paint, you will need to thin the paint and clean your sprayer with lacquer thinner.   DIY Toy Box abc blocksThe finish you get with this sprayer is so fabulous, but it doesn’t have to be your last step. After painting this toy box made from cabinet doors with my FinishMax, I went a step further to make it special using stencils and craft paints. The top coat was Minwax Polycrylic, which can also be done with your favorite Homeright Paint Sprayer.   ASCP HomeRightDid you know that you can use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in your HomeRight FinishMax? Yes! you can use ASCP as well as any other of your favorite chalk paints in your Finish Max.   ASCP HomeRight Finish Max Even though ASCP is pretty easy to apply, painting pedestals and spindles are still time consuming when you do it by hand with a brush. Make it easy on yourself and use a Finish Max or Finish Max Pro to get a great finish in less time.   diy-chalky-paint-primerNow, are you ready for my absolute favorite way to use my FinishMax? This is my secret to getting a great finish in record time.   Finish-Max-paint-sprayerThis is after one coat of the home made diy chalky paint primer sprayed with the FinishMax. Getting a smooth finish like this on spindles by hand with a brush it nearly impossible.   Pottery-Barn-Blue-Twin-BedsTwin beds makeover after a coat of the diy chalky paint primer and 2 light coats of the Behr paint without Plaster of Paris. To clarify. These beds were painted with Behr Premium Plus Ultra (Semi-Gloss Naval) mixed with Plaster of Paris to make my own chalk paint. Then they were given 2 light coats of the Behr Premium Plus Ultra (Semi-Gloss Naval) straight out of the can. The finish is flawless. This is my go-to paint technique that I use 90% of the time.     HomeRight-finish-max-exterior-door-2Last but not least, you can use Exterior paint in your Finish Max like I did when I painted my exterior door.       homeright-finish-max-outdoor-painting In addition, I also used the Finish Max with Exterior paint on my new porch posts!   If you would like more inspiration on projects, you can see a lot more at

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