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Stacy Risenmay
Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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September 8, 2015

Written by Stacy Risenmay from Not Just a Housewife. We recently got a puppy. Even though people mentioned that getting a puppy was similar to bringing home a new baby, I did not believe them. Well guess who's starting to see their point? Maybe a newborn is a bad comparison. Since they move, I would say it is more like having a crawling baby. This guy licks, chews, and eats anything and everything that is on the floor. When I realized he liked to taste the floor, I knew I could no longer clean up his messes with cleaning wipes. I needed to use something safer. I use the handheld part of my SteamMachine Plus ALL THE TIME. Like every day. But I admit in the past I did not mop with the steam mop as much as I should. But that has changed. Now I mop daily to keep the floors clean and to keep our new little guy safe.

clean floors with steam mop

The SteamMachine Plus is not just for hard surfaces like my wood floors, there is an attachment called the carpet glider that makes it so you can steam clean carpet and rugs! I also use it on our mattresses. Yep, mattresses!   steam mop plus sanitizes floors  

What would you clean with your SteamMachine Plus? The SteamMachine Plus giveaway has ended.

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