Clean and Sanitize Your Mattress the Easy Way
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Erin Spain
Wednesday, December 26, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight SteamMachine Elite
  • Vacuum Cleaner (Optional)
  • Baking Soda (optional)
  • Mattress
  • Distilled Water

Project Steps


Since I was in the process of cleaning and sanitizing the house after our family recovered from a cold, I decided to take a few extra minutes to sanitize mattresses too. The HomeRight SteamMachine makes it so easy!

Step 1

Fill Steamer With Water

First, I filled my SteamMachine with water (distilled is best), which is really easy when using the little funnel that came with it. I plugged in the machine and waited until one of the lights turned off, indicating the machine was ready to use. This takes approximately 8 minutes or so.

Step 2

Use the Included Attachments

I love that there is no guesswork about when the machine is ready to use since the light lets you know. Plus, it comes with 19 attachments (including a steam mop!) and there is a handy compartment on the front of the machine where you can store parts. I also love that the machine is on wheels and you can pull it around easily when you're using it.

Step 3

Steam Clean Your Mattress

When the pressure builds up and you pull the trigger, it delivers 290 degrees of steam, which easily cleans and sanitizes surfaces, loosens dirt, cuts grease and grime, and removes stains. It kills 99% of bacteria which gives me peace of mind since I live in a house full of messy boys.

To clean your mattress, you can sprinkle baking soda on it first and then vacuum it off for added cleaning and deodorizing. After doing this, simply steam and scrub any stains. I used the small nylon brush attachment. 

Step 4

Enjoy a Clean Mattress

I was able to finish cleaning the mattress in just a few minutes, and then I allowed it to air dry before putting the sheets back on. Super easy! I plan on doing this every couple of months.

I absolutely love this machine and I find myself reaching for it all the time for so many different tasks. Whether I'm sanitizing toys or scrubbing the inside of the oven or cleaning the bathrooms, the SteamMachine Elite comes in handy all the time.

It's cold and flu season, so I've been trying to clean and sanitize everything in sight. One thing that often gets overlooked when cleaning is our mattresses. I decided to give them a quick steaming to sanitize them too, and the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite made the task so quick and easy. 

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Best Chemical Free Way to Clean an Entire Mattress is to Use the HomeRight SteamMachine Elite

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