Clean Your Tile and Grout Without Using Chemicals
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Anika Gandhi
Friday, March 23, 2018

Project Steps

Do you ever look at the floors in your bathroom and scream "YUCK!". That's how Anika with Anika's DIY Life felt and so she decided to give her guest bathroom floor a deep clean with the HomeRight SteamMachine 53. 

dirty tile grout

Anika found that there was hard water build up AND mold in her shower door corners. Her tile grout also had grime build-up. Luckily, the SteamMachine 53 can easily clear all of this up, and the best part is that you don't need to use any chemicals! 

homeright steam machine 53

To get started with the SteamMachine, add distilled water to the tank and wait around 8 minutes for the SteamMachine to build up heat and pressure. When the orange light turns off, you're ready to go! The SteamMachine comes with a variety of useful accessories to help you with any cleaning project imaginable. Anika started off with the jet nozzle attachment to clean her grout since it shoots a high-pressure stream of steam in a small area. 

cleaning tile grout with the jet nozzle

For tougher stains or areas that need scrubbing, you can also use the nylon brush attachment. Once all of the dirt and grime was gone, Anika used the large cleaning brush to give her tile one last scrub. Then to finish off, she wiped down the floors with the chenille mop pad. 

chemical free floor mop

In all, it only took Anika 30 minute to clean the entire bathroom floor and shower door! Now she has a sparkling and shining guest bathroom. To read more about this project, head to Anika's blog. Watch the video below for a first-hand demonstration!


Cleaning tile and grout without using chemicals by using a home right steam machine steam cleaner

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