Cleaning a Shower with Glass Door Using the SteamMachine
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Natalie Dixon
Monday, January 30, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Steam Machine
  • Towel
  • Shower with Glass Door

Project Steps


Since we moved into this house earlier this year, the stand-up shower in the master bedroom has been my arch nemesis. I jokingly asked my husband if he thought it had ever been cleaned in the 30 years since the house was built. I know the couple we bought the house from was immaculate, but it was almost like this shower was forgotten. I’m very sensitive to cleaners filled with lots of chemicals, and often get headaches and sometimes migraines from using them. Especially in small spaces like this with no windows. But over the months we’ve lived here, I’ve tried nearly every kind of cleaner out there on this shower, and it barely seems to make a difference. I’ve never cleaned a shower so much in my life. I was excited to try the HomeRight Steam Machine on the shower, because not only does it not use any chemicals, it also kills 99% of germs and bacteria! It uses hot, pressurized steam to blast the soap scum and hard water stains away with hardly any effort. And because of all the attachments it came with, I was even able to get into the tiny corners of the door tracks that I wasn’t even able to reach with a toothbrush before!

Step 1

Fill your Steam Machine with water using the funnel provided. Turn it on and wait for it to heat up. While you are waiting, you can lay an old towel out under where your door will swing open. Once the orange light goes off, your machine is ready to get to work.

Step 2

I started with the large nylon brush attachment to clean the sides and floor of the shower. This is the difference just one swipe down the middle of the shower made.

Step 3

Using the squeegee attachment, I got to work on the shower door. While I was no longer coughing or gagging on chemical fumes, I was starting to feel sick just seeing all the soap scum and grime that the Steam Machine was removing using nothing but water! Because of the years of layers on my door, I needed to go back over the door about 7 or 8 times before I started getting clear water instead of the scum at the bottom. But the difference was amazing! Before cleaning, I couldn’t see through the bottom of the door at all. Now I can make out the drain even when the door is closed!

Step 4

Using the jet nozzle attachment, I cleaned out all the corners and creases in the track. I even got in the shower to clean out the sides of the tracks that I could never reach before because they were so tight against the shower wall.

Step 5

Finally, I switched to the brass brush attachment and cleaned all the tracks completely. I also used this attachment to clean the showerhead and shower handle.

Step 6

I spent about 2 hours cleaning this shower today, but from here out I think it will only take me about 45 minutes-1 hour each time. It involved barely any elbow grease and was one of those projects where you could see the difference you were making immediately! It also had the added bonus of getting me excited to organize and clean the rest of this bathroom now that it doesn’t look so grimy anymore!

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