Cleaning and Decluttering My Kitchen
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Stacy Risenmay
Thursday, February 1, 2018

Project Steps

Winter is the perfect time to tackle deep cleaning and to declutter your home. I recently cleaned my kitchen using the SteamMachine. One of the places I cleaned and decluttered was the inside of my lazy susans. They have a ribbed texture on the plastic trays and before I had the SteamMachine I could never get it 100% clean. I use the the scrub brush tip and it works like a charm!



When the cabinets were all clean, I was really picky about what went back in. I put some things in the garage sale pile and other things that were worn out either got thrown away or recycled.

Let's chat about silverware trays. Am I the only one who has their tray fill with mystery crumbs? Where are these crumbs coming from? Even after dumping the crumbs out, my organizers look gross. I scrubbed it with the same tip and it looked like new :)



After being wiped out many times over the years, the inside of the cabinets and drawers are all chippy and ugly. I decided to wipe them out with a rag and then add some cute contact paper.



I decided to have out everyday silverware in the drawer and our other silverware in a box in the pantry. That way our drawer isn't as crammed full and messy looking.



I store some of the smaller tips in the compartment on the SteamMachine but the others and the larger accessories I store in the handy accessory bag!



What are you planning on cleaning and decluttering this winter?

declutter and clean your kitchen the easy way by using a steam machine steam cleaner

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