Cleaning and Organizing After the Holidays
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Mary Hunnicutt
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • SteamMachine 53
  • Accessory Bag

Project Steps


If you are like me, your house is probably a disaster area after the holidays. I like to take advantage of a little bit of down time at the beginning of the year to declutter, clean, and get organized. This is where my HomeRight Model 53 Steam Machine comes in handy. You can clean and sanitize all of the following and more with the various attachments and you do not even need any harsh chemicals.

Step 1

Rid your couch of stains using the small, round nylon brush attachment.                                                                                      

Sanitize tile floors in the kitchen and bathrooms with the microfiber mop and cleaning pads.

Deep clean the shower and toilet with the jet nozzle.

Degrease your oven with the small, round nylon brush attachment.

Step 2

Once you are finished cleaning your house, you can store your Steam Machine attachments away in the closet in the new handy pocket organizer! It features seven mesh pockets in varied sizes to hold the variety of attachments and accessories.

Step 3

It also has two Velcro straps for rolling it up and grommet holes and dual loops at the top for hanging. It easily hangs over the door with the four tools needed! The Steam Machine and pocket organizer is an all in one cleaning machine that takes up little space in your closet. How do you declutter your home after the holidays?

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Easiest way to clean your home after the holidays are over

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