Cleaning and Sanitizing a Dog Bed
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Erin Spain
Wednesday, September 5, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight SteamMachine Steam Cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Dog bed (or accessories)

Project Steps


Our dog Indy loves to lounge on her fluffy bed, but it had gotten dirty and stinky. Unfortunately it was too large to toss in the washing machine so I opted to clean and sanitize it using the HomeRight SteamMachine. I love using this machine for so many purposes, so it definitely came in handy for this task.

Step 1

Allow Steamer to Heat Up

After filling the HomeRight SteamMachine with water, turn it on and wait until the orange light turns off, indicating that the machine is ready to use. It takes about 8 minutes to build pressure and heat up.

Step 2

Vacuum the Dog Bed

While you wait for your SteamMachine to heat up, go ahead and vacuum all of the stray dog hair off of the dog bed. I used a crevice tool attachment to do this.

Some of it really clings to the fabric, especially underneath the bed, so a brush attachment may come in handy for this too. 

Step 3

Steam the Dog Bed

Use the SteamMachine to clean and sanitize the bed. I used a nylon brush attachment so I could really scrub the fibers of the bed cover.

The steamer itself is so versatile, I love using it for so many things. It uses pressurized, high-temperature steam, which loosens and dissolves dirt, removes stains, and sanitizes by killing 99% of bacteria (in a house full of children and a dog, this is a MUST!).

Step 4

Allow to Dry

Allow the bed to air dry thoroughly, and then it's ready to be used again. Our dog Indy was very happy to have a fresh, clean bed to lounge on. I was able to clean it in just minutes, and I have the peace of mind of knowing that it's been thoroughly sanitized.

For more tips on how to clean a dog bed, read this great article by Home Viable.

The HomeRight SteamMachine is such a handy tool for so many things, and one of the many purposes I use it for is to clean and sanitize pet accessories and our dog bed. It's great to sanitize dog toys or food and water dishes, but especially good for sanitizing a large, awkward dog bed that isn't easily machine washable. 


Kill bacteria in your dog's bed without using harsh chemicals by using the steam machine steam cleaner from HomeRight

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