Cleaning Patio Furniture Using the SteamMachine
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Natalie Dixon
Monday, April 3, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight SteamMachine Model 53

Project Steps


For the past 5 months, our patio furniture has either been under a tarp on the deck or store in our bug-filled, dusty shed. We got it out last weekend when we had a short warm spell, thinking that we could use it for dinner that night. It was obvious that not only did it need cleaning from being stored all winter, but it wasn’t exactly put away completely clean either! There was still layers of pollen on the arms of the chairs and bird droppings that we apparently didn’t feel like dealing with last October. In other words, some stuff was caked on! I was nervous it would be a bigger project than I was anticipating, but by using our Steam Machine, it went very quickly and we were able to have everything done in under an hour and still use it for dinner!

Step 1

Fill your SteamMachine with water using the funnel provided. Turn it on and wait for it to heat up. While you are waiting, you can line up your patio furniture in an assembly line to make your job go faster. Once the orange light goes off, your machine is ready to get to work.

Cleaning the patio

Step 2

I started with the jet nozzle attachment to clean in all the corners and other hard to reach places. It worked great to clean out underneath the frame where it meets the glass.

Step 3

Using the squeegee attachment, I cleaned the glass top of the coffee table that goes with our patio set. I had to go over this maybe 2-3 times to get all the pollen off. This would also be great to use on a glass top dining table. While I had the squeegee attachment on, I also cleaned the outside of our French doors. 

Step 4

I then used the brass brush attachment to get the frames and legs of all of our metal pieces of furniture. The bird droppings and caked on dirt (did somebody have these sitting in a mud pile??) came right off with this attachment.

Step 5

Finally, I flipped everything over and made sure to get the underside as well. There were some old spider nests and other things that were tucked up underneath in the corners that came right off with the jet nozzle attachment. 

Cleaning patio furniture

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