Complete a Master Closet Makeover in One Afternoon
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Natalie Dixon
Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Project Steps

It's easy to put off completing a painting project, especially if the area in your home that needs to be painted is tucked in a closet. Natalie with A Turtle's Life for Me was having this problem with her bedroom closet. When it was full of clothes and other items, it was easy to ignore the fact that it was in desperate need of a makeover. Here's what it looked like before the big transformation. 

before closet transformation

As you can see, there's an area on the drywall that was never painted over and there are also several bent rods where the hangers go. To get started on making this closet beautiful again, Natalie removed the shelving and rods and primed the area over the unpainted drywall.

priming drywall

Next, Natalie started by painting the edges and corners of the closet with the QuickPainter and corner attachment. This handy painting tool holds paint directly in the handle, which means you'll spend less time going back and forth to refill on paint. You can also use the trigger to control how much paint goes to the pad. Natalie says that she was able to paint all four corners of the closet in just a couple of minutes!

quickpainter painting tool

painting edges with the quickpainter

Once all of the edges and corners were painted, Natalie moved onto painting the walls of the closet with the PaintStick EZ-Twist. Natalie mentions how she hates the prep work that is involved with painting, but the PaintStick EZ-Twist cuts the amount of prep work in half! The EZ-Twist also holds paint directly in the handle, which means you don't need to worry about using a roller tray. This also eliminates unwanted messes and spills. 


filling up the paintstick ez twist

Natalie only had to fill up her PaintStick EZ-Twist two times and then the wall was done! Now that's fast. 

painting walls with the ez twist

Overall, this project only took a couple of hours to complete and now Natalie has a freshly painted and gorgeous closet to admire! To read more about this quick and easy closet makeover, head to Natalie's blog. 

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Master closet makeover in a single afternoon

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