Crafting & DIYing Must-Haves: the HomeRight Turntable & Spray Shelter
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Skaie Knox
Thursday, December 20, 2018

Project Steps


My farmgirl mom always taught me, “Your best tools are your hands.” When she said this, she was mostly referring to cooking and baking, but it’s rung true for gardening, crafting and DIYing in general.

Until recently, that is!

Yes! There are two must-have tools I’ve come to absolutely depend on this past year: the HomeRight Turntable and Spray Shelter. Yes, again!

With the new year just a few spins around the sun away, I thought I’d craft for y’all a super pop’n party hat centerpiece to celebrate the new year using my HomeRight turntable and spray shelter! It was so fun and easy with these fabulous products. Here’s why am I so enamored with these two, non-power crafting and DIYing tools...

Step 1

The HomeRight Turntable...

Keeps projects pristine.

Since painting an object typically requires painting it 360°, the turntable allows me to spin many different sized objects around without getting fingerprints all over it. This makes the finished product that much more pro-looking and me feeling like a pro!

Step 2

Allows me to paint projects at different angles.

Often times, there are objects for crafting and DIY projects that have strange angles and hard-to-get-to nooks and crannies. With the HomeRight turntable, I have much more control over spraying into these areas, as it elevates the item and allows me to spin it one way or another to see where I need to cover. 

Step 3

Multi-purpose in its use.

   (photo credit:
Though I have a very used, overpainted, (dare I say ode-to-Pollock) turntable, these super spinners can also be utilized as a cake stand, a lazy susan for hors d'oeuvres and cupcakes. As is or with a little decoration, you’ve got a cute culinary tool as well.
Step 4

The HomeRight Spray Shelter…

A. Keeps my workspace clean.

With DIY real estate a real valuable thing, keeping it clean and useable is super important. After all, most of us use our garages, driveways and backyards, while others use a patio, balcony, or even an indoor space to paint, spray and glitter. So, with this easy-to-pop-up tool, it has already saved me hundreds of dollars worth of fencing, flooring and walls.

Step 5

Allows my projects to dry flawlessly.

There’s nothing worse (in the DIY/crafting world) than working hard at a project to later have it marred by tree-debris, dust, or too much sun. The spray shelter is a wonderful way to tell nature “keep clean and pristine”!

Step 6

Can be set up anywhere.

I mentioned earlier that DIY real estate is a premium. Think of the HomeRight Spray Shelter as a tiny house on wheels for crafters and DIYers - we can take projects anywhere and it’s so easy to set up and break down.  

Crafting with the Spray Shelter and Turn Table

Pair these two for an absolutely wonderful holiday gift this year and all year long. You’ll be thanked again and again, like a spinning wheel turns!

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