Create a Handmade Hideaway (No Parents Allowed!)
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Project Steps


If you think treehouses and forts are a thing of the past, think again! Ashley and Jamin with The Handmade Home created this magical, handmade hideaway for their children. They used a variety of fun colors to give this hideaway more personality and a creative, whimsical vibe!

Step 1

Ashley and Jamin wanted their hideaway to be durable and easily endure the outdoor elements so they carefully selected their paints. If you're making your own handmade hideaway, be sure to choose paints that suit your climate. Be playful with your color choices! Take your children to the paint store with you to make this a great family project. 

Step 2

Ashley and Jamin came up with several helpful painting tips for creating your own magical treehouse:

  • Paint smaller pieces in contrasting color to really add character to your piece
  • Seal the nail holes to protect your wood 
  • For multiple colors, buy multiple brushes or rollers
  • Let your painting tools soak in a bucket of warm water and dish soap for easy clean up
  • Use a Paint Stick EZ-Twist to paint the walls of your hideaway
Step 3

Ashley and Jamin found the PaintStick EZ-Twist to be a huge game changer for painting. It helped them easily paint the large areas on their hideaway and speed the process along! You simply assemble the paint stick, suck paint into the tube, and you're ready to go! Ashley said it helped prevent splatters, saved time, and was a great tool to use. 

Step 4

For your own hideaway, you can also choose to get creative with patterns! Ashley and Jamin, for example, created this adorable striped door by using painter's tape.

Step 5

Save your floors for last in case there are spills while you're painting. Ashley and Jamin used the Deck Pro with Gap Wheel to stain the entire deck and porch on their hideaway. They then went over the boards with green and white paint to create a distressed look. This also manages to cover up any drip marks you might have created while painting the walls. After acheiving their desired look, Ashely and Jamin went over the paint with another thin layer of stain to give the floor a salvaged look. 

Step 6

If you've made it this far on creating your handmade hideaway, you'll see that it already has new life! This is such a fun, creative project and would be the perfect family challenge.

Step 7

For more information on how Ashley and Jamin created this whimsical Handmade Hideaway, head on over to their blog for the full story

DIY a Handemade Tree House Hideaway for your Children in Your Own Backyard

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