Create a New Table Top with Pallet Wood
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Monday, August 7, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • Wicker Table
  • Pallet Wood
  • Finish Max Paint Sprayer
  • White Paint
  • Stain and Poly

Project Steps


With a little love and attention, shambled furniture can always be salvaged. Debra with Shoppe No. 5 took on this challenge after adopting a discarded wicker table from another DIY vendor. The table's top was caved in so Debra decided to recreate a sturdy surface using pallet wood. 

Step 1

Debra started by giving this table a much needed clean. Simply spray down your table with a hose and let it air dry in the sun. The next step is to give your table a fresh coat of paint to really make it pop. Debra chose to stick with the white, and instead of using a traditional paint brush, she used a Finish Max paint sprayer. A paint sprayer makes painting wicker furniture easy and fast! Rather than spend hours trying to get into all the nooks and grooves of the wicker, the sprayer will paint your table easily. 

Step 2

Pallet wood can give your wicker table a unique design and add character to your piece. Get creative and choose a pattern that you'd like the wood cut into. For Debra's pattern, she laid down the first board and cut it to the length of the table. She laid the next board perpendicular to the first board and cut the second one. The third board was placed against the first and cut again. She did this with all of the wood until it covered the entire table. 

Step 3

Next, choose the stain and poly that you'd like to contrast with the bright white of your table. Debra sanded her wood and then painted it using a stianing pad, but you can also choose to use the Finish Max again to have the job done quickly. Number your boards underneath so that you can easily remember where to place them again on the table. Since her table sagged, Debra also added wooden shims underneath the table top to create a flat surface. 

Step 4

As you place each board on the table, run a thin line of wood glue around the edges and press the wood tightly together. Debra used pavers and clamps to keep the wood secured in place while the glue dried. Once everything was dried and ready, she nailed the entire perimiter and each board in place. 

Step 5

What could have been discarded and thrown away is now a gorgeous table that you can proudly display! Learn more details about how Debra did this project on her blog.

Pallet wood table top makeover using a worn wicker table

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