Create Farmhouse Fall Decor from Thrifted Finds
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Larissa Haynes
Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • Super Finish Max Extra with Blue Tip
  • Medium Spray Shelter
  • Thrifted items - shelf, basket, etc
  • Paint of choice
  • Old candle for waxing

Project Steps


Do you love the look of farmhouse decor, but not sure how to achieve it? Head to the thrift store (or even shop the curb for #trashure - aka. Curb le Chic) and get ready to have some DIY fun. You can create your own fall decor with these simple steps.

Be sure to head to Prodigal Pieces for the full tutorial. 

Step 1

One of my favorite ways to decorate is in the farmhouse style. Why? Well, it's cozy, timeless, and tells a story. When you walk into my home I want you to feel welcome, as if you're part of the family. Back in the day, a simple home would have had utilitarian objects on their wall as part of their decor like it or not. In many ways it was a make-do decor and that totally speaks to a simple heart.

Today I'm taking these 3 objects I found at the thrift store and showing you how to turn them into a fall vignette. I have a peg coat rack, an antique drill, and a small bushel-type basket. You can even shop your home too!

Step 2

First, I'm going to dress up that peg shelf coat rack. It is already painted, and I like the color. However, it does have wear and I can't cover it up since I don't have the color match. Instead, I'm going to utilize it as my base color and work from there to create layers.

You can see the full steps in my video tutorial HERE. I pop up my Medium Spray Shelter and insert my large turn table to prep for my painting fun. (tutorial for the turn table HERE). I fill my Super Finish Max Extra Sprayer with an antique white latex paint slightly thinned per manufacturer instructions. 

Step 3

Before I paint, I clean the shelf with a 1:1 vinegar/water mixture to remove any residue. Then, take that old candle and rub wax on places that would naturally get wear, like the edges, the pegs, and corners. This will cause the paint to resist those spots and create the time-worn wear effect we are after.

Step 4

Once dry, I spray the shelf with my flow settings set to make a spattered look. Yes, I want a sort of messy look and not a fine finish for the rustic effect I'm after. Practice setting up your sprayer by spraying onto cardboard or scrap wood. See how my finish is letting the base color paint peek through?

Step 5

Next, while that first coat of paint cures, it's time to work on our next thrifted find - the antique drill. I love to create unique totes with found objects. The drill will become the handle of the tote and these reclaimed dog-ear fence panels will be the wood used to create it. Because each tote is created differently, it makes it fun to change it up as needed. You can find the tutorial how to make one of your own over in this post

Step 6

The steps are quite simple and only require minimal tools and supplies as the video demonstarte. I'll show you the finished result in a bit.

Step 7

Last, but not least, we will make use of that little bushel basket. These are handy for so many things: kitchen storage, craft storage, gift baskets, and even floral arrangements. Since we're after a fall vignette, we will make use of what we can find outside. I have limelight hydrangeas, mums, and Autum Joy (sedum) that are perfect for adding a natural touch.

To turn the basket into a vase, just use a plastic container inside to store your blooms. TIP: to dry hydrangeas to enjoy all winter, just keep them in water and refresh the water daily. They will dry while in water.

Step 8

Finally, we can get back to our peg coat rack shelf and work the final touches. Again, since I'm after a layered, rustic feel, I mix up a bit of brown paint and a smidgen of water to create a glaze. (about 1 cup with1/4 teaspoon water) I spray it on with the same technique as the white paint - a spattered look. However, this time, before it cures, I use a damp cloth to wipe off excess and wet distress those waxed parts at the the same time. You can see this in the video as well.

Step 9

Let's put it all together and have some fall fun! Now we have our peg coat rack shelf all dressed up, our reclaimed wood tote is sporting some Autumn Joy, and our bushel basket is full of lovely hydrangea blooms.

I've chose to create a lovely juxtaposition of rustic wood contrasting the lacy elements that really creates drama in texture. The pumpkins from my garden and flowers add the natural element, while the soothing colors give a sense of cozy. All of this seen here has been either found curbside or at the thrift store.

Farmhouse decor is affordable and, if you're like me, I prefer to skip the box-store look-alike stuff and make my own. Ya know...the real farmhouse style. ;)

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and are inspire to create your own home story. Feel free to ask questions and come see me on my blog, Prodigal Pieces. Until next time!

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