Create Unique, Handmade Valentine's Day Birdhouses
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Friday, January 26, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Wooden Birdhouses
  • Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer
  • Paint
  • Small Spray Shelter and Turntable
  • Brushes for Detailing Work
  • Tape

Project Steps


Love is in the air! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, the stores are stocking up on Valentine's Day decor, people are scheduling romantic dinners, and kids are preparing their Valentine's Day cards. The best part about Valentine's Day is creating or doing something special for your loved one, whether that be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or friend! If you're looking to create a unique, handmade gift this Valentine's Day, you need to check out this painted birdhouse project. We completed this simple project in a single afternoon and it was so much fun to do! 

Step 1

Start by gathering your materials. You'll need a wooden birdhouse (found at most local craft stores), the Super Finish Max paint sprayer, the Small Spray Shelter, paint, brushes, and tape. We had a lot of fun looking at all of the different birdhouses that our craftstore offered. You can find a lot of unique designs so have fun with it! 

Step 2

First, remove any product stickers from your birdhouse. If you have difficulty removing the sticker like we did, the Digital Temperature Heat Gun can help! 

Step 3

To get started, we wrapped tape around the rope at the top of the birdhouse so that paint wouldn't get on it. These are going to look so cute once they're hung from a tree! 

Step 4

Next, we poured our paint in the Super Finish Max paint sprayer. We all wanted our birdhouses to be a different color so we had to clean the sprayer after each birdhouse was completed. Once the paint sprayer was ready, we popped open our Small Spray Shelter and set the birdhouse on the the HomeRight Turntable. The Small Spray Shelter is perfect for protecting your surrounding area from paint overspray, and is great for a variety of crafting and Do-It-Yourself projects. The Turntable makes it easy to rotate your project while painting, plus you'll avoid finger smudges on your freshly painted project.

Step 5

Once everything is ready, start painting! The Super Finish Max lays down a fine layer of paint, and each birdhouse looked gorgeous as we sprayed. We used DecoArt paint for this project, but you can use any oil or water based paint or stain with this sprayer. 

Step 6

Make sure that all angles of your birdhouse are covered before you move onto the detailing work. Our paint dried very quickly so once the Super Finish Max was all cleaned up, we broke out the paint brushes! We each added different creative, colorful designs to our birdhouses. 

Step 7

Seriously, no birdhouse will look the same! This is what makes this simple project so unique and fun to do for Valentine's Day!

Step 8

When you're satisfied with your work, allow the birdhouses to dry overnight.  We let our birdhouses dry in the Small Spray Shelter because it provides a nice, safe drying area. You can also add touchups when needed. Remove the tape from the rope when everything is completely dry. 

Step 9

Voila! Now you have Valentine's Day themed birdhouses! This lovely gift will have your love bird chirping with joy (pardon the pun), and it'll be even more lovely to see birds living inside in the springtime. From everyone here at HomeRight, happy Valentine's Day! We hope you enjoyed this lovey-dovey project.  

Create unique, handmade birdhouses this Valentine's Day for your loved one! This is a perfect gift for him or for her!

Valentine's Day birdhouses made with the Super Finish Max paint sprayer

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