Dining Room Paint Makeover with the HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist
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Krista Aasen
Monday, February 20, 2017
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist
  • HomeRight Quick Painter
  • Angled brush
  • Drywall filler
  • Putty knife
  • Sanding block
  • Drop cloth

Project Steps


Hello, friends! My name is Krista and I write a DIY, Décor, Organizing, Craft, and Lifestyle blog called The Happy Housie. I’m thrilled to be here today over at The HomeRight Blog to share one of my favourite DIY tools with you! My HomeRight PaintStick EZ-Twist has been my trusted DIY partner on several room makeovers now and helped me transform spaces from small to huge! Today I’m sharing how I used it recently to give our dining room a crisp new look; in less then a day! I think the thing I might love most about my EZ Twist Paintstick is how quickly it allows me to get painting jobs tackled. Time is in super short supply around here between my day job as a teacher, my boy’s activities and sports, and our DIY projects. So we love that it allows us to transform a room with paint in record time. Because we all know that nothing transforms a room quite as quickly as a fresh paint colour!

Step 1

We started out with upper walls that were painted Whispering Spring (light blue) and lower panelled walls that were painted Cloud White. Although the paneling looked “white” to begin with, it was painted with “Cloud White”, and I wanted the whole space to be the same colour – the fresh, crisp white called “Simply White”. That’s also the colour we have used throughout our living room and as you can see in the before photos, these two spaces flow together.

Painting the dining room

How to paint a dining room

dining room painting

Step 2

The first job of any painting project is making sure to properly prepare. This is the part I like the least! But it’s essential if you want your paint job to turn out well. I always start by removing everything from the walls and then filling all the nail holes or wall damage with drywall filler…

Step 3

Sanding it once dry, and also sanding down the spot where the blue and white used to meet to eliminate the slight edge there.

PaintStick for painting walls

Step 4

Next I remove dust and dirt with a damp rag, or sometimes removing extra stubborn marks with a magic eraser to ensure that it doesn’t show through the fresh paint…

Step 5

I also lay out a drop cloth to (try) to prevent my paint from ending up all over the floor!

Step 6

Then I cut in the edges first. The HomeRight edger is a great resource for along the ceiling and in the corners; but in this project I also needed to use an angled brush to coat the edges of the board and batten paneling boards. After the edges were cut in, it was time to get my EZ Twist Paint Stick out and put it to work!

Painting with the PaintStick EZ-Twist

Step 7

The instructions for assembly are simple; and once put together, you just suck paint up directly from your paint can! No need for a tray!

PaintStick EZ-Twist

Step 8

As you twist the EZ-Twist arm, the paint comes out through the roller itself. It takes about one fill of the arm to get the roller fully saturated, but once it’s ready to go then all you have to do is twist the arm and you get more paint on demand!

Step 9

I rolled this room out in no time flat; and then got between the edges of the paneling with my roller as well. Because I try to paint rooms within a few hours; I like to wrap up my PaintStick EZ-Twist with some plastic around the roller and keep it in a cool spot between coats; that way the roller is already saturated and ready to go for coat two.

Step 10

Done! I love the Simply White. I’ve been putting off tackling this paint job for a few months now; and I’m thrilled I finally dedicated a day to it. It’s made such a difference in our dining room and kitchen. It feels so crisp and fresh and ready for spring and summer!

Budget Breakdown: Low – I actually already owned everything I needed to do this project. In general, painting is a fairly low budget way to change the look of your space. Thanks for having me here today to share this great project and paint makeover on the HomeRight blog! Good luck with your painting projects!!

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Dining Room makeover

Dining Room makeover

Dining Room makeover

painting a dining room

Dining room painting

Dining room painting

Dining room makeover

Kitchen makeover

White walls

White walls painted

Dining room makeover

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