Dining Room Set Refresh by Isaura Greene
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016
Materials Needed: 
  • Finish Max
  • Spray Shelter
  • Paint

Project Steps


I had this pine colored buffet/sideboard that is over 20 years old. Giving this little old thing a new look was too easy using the Finish Max Sprayer, Rapid Clean and the Spray Shelter. The buffet/sideboard was passed on to us over 10 years ago and we’ve lived with it in its original state: yellow pine. I also used the Finish Max Sprayer to breath new life to the dining chairs and the dining table. The plan was to use chalk paint with my sprayer so I was happy that I didn’t have to sand everything. I did have to sand a couple of chairs that I painted previously in a DIY chalk paint concoction. It was a DIY fail and a lesson learned. This time around, I used good stuff in my paint. I used BB Frosch mixed in with flat paint to make my chalk paint. I did wipe everything to remove any dirt. I didn’t have to sand.

Step 1

Sand (if needed) and wipe everything clean. If using chalk paint you won’t have to sand. You just clean it and get ready for painting. 

Step 2

Set up the Spray Shelter. It doesn’t have a bottom, so I used some old tarps and this new drop cloth I picked up at my local hardware store. This is to make sure I do not get any paint on my garage floors. The Spray Shelter took a while to set up although the instructions were clear. It always helps to watch someone explain it. Thank you, YouTube. But once you know how it works, setting this thing up and taking it down is a piece of cake.

Step 3

Set up the Finish Max Sprayer. First I needed to mix my paint. As I mentioned, I used BB Frosch Chalk Paint Powder to make my paint. When my paint was ready I added the necessary water to get the paint to the consistency needed for spraying. I used the enclosed viscosity cup. Once that was ready, I plugged my sprayer with the extension cord. I also learned quickly to tie a knot to keep the two connected.

Step 4

Set up my furniture for painting in the Spray Shelter. I used things like scrap wood and painting triangles to lift the furniture off the floor to make sure I painted the “feet” of my furniture. 

Step 5

Start Spraying. I adjusted the spray patter according to the manual. When I was spraying the legs, I adjusted the nozzle horizontal setting. I also made sure to start and finish the “spraying” off the furniture so the paint didn’t puddle on any one part of the furniture. I adjusted the nozzle to get a vertical spray patter to move from side to side to get all the surfaces. When I needed to do the underside of my furniture, I adjusted the nozzle to have the cone spray pattern. 

Step 6

Time to clean up. I used the Rapid Clean kit. It made it super easy. Make sure that your Finish Max Sprayer is NOT plugged in. Remove the paint canister, dump all the left over paint into containers (if you want to keep it). At that point, I used the Rapid Clean kit to basically flush the Finish Max Sprayer until the water ran clean. After that, I stated to take the sprayer apart to clean up all the compartments. I did have a problem removing the brass fluid nozzle, the first time you remove it you need to use a pliers to loosen it, then it twists off like a screw. Other than removing the brass fluid nozzle, I was very happy with this process.

Step 7

Apply topcoat to my piece.  If I was working with regular latex paint, I could have used the Finish max Sprayer to apply a topcoat of poly. Since I used chalk paint, I moved on to applying wax my furniture after it was dry. Another benefit of using this sprayer is that the paint will dry rather quickly. The Finish Max Sprayer blows the paint out with what feels like hot air and it is light coat so you aren’t wasting paint. And this helps the thin coats dry fast. Remember to start and finish spraying off your piece- this will help avoid drips. Once the paint is dry, move the furniture to it’s home.

Step 8

Admire your new looking furniture. 

Isaura Greene won the HomeRight Dining Set Challenge; she won a Finish Max, Rapid Clean and Spray Shelter on our facebook page. She completed her project quickly with our tools and was nice enough to share the process with us and our readers. 

Dining Room Challenge

This is was the photo she submitted to us for entry. 

Dining set before photos

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