Dinosaur Themed Nightstand Makeover
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Friday, June 8, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Nightstand
  • Finish Max Sprayer
  • Large Spray Shelter
  • Paint

Project Steps


By Laura Clark

If you have worked with HomeRight as a blogger you might know that I was out on maternity leave last year. Now I have a 10 month old baby that needed a nightstand in his room (actually he has needed one since he was born). I found this nightstand on Facebook marketplace for $25. I figured this would be a quick makeover that could be done in an afternoon in my garage. Boy was I wrong on this. Doesn't that always seem like the case, when you think something is going to be quick it isn't and when you dread it because you think it is going to take forever, then your pleasantly surprised when it is a quick project.

Step 1

I quickly wiped down the nightstand with some simple green and let it dry for a couple hours. The paint was a bit clumpy in the paint container, so I strained the paint before pouring it into my Super Finish Max. Straining the paint really helped because it made the spray pattern smooth and beautiful. I put 5 light coats on the nightstand over the course of a few days. However, when I was done with the final coat of white I stood back and there were two things I didn't like about it:

1. The color

2. There was a water stain on the top of the nightstand that came through the paint. I didn't like it so I decided I needed to start over. I wish I had taken a photo of the water stain on the top of the nightstand to show you.

Step 2

I decided to sand off the white paint and also sand the water stain on the top of the dresser. If you look closely at the photo, you will see where the water stain was on the right corner of the nightstand. So I sanded the nightstand first with 80 grit and then with 120 grit sandpaper. Then I used a Stain Blocker by DecoArt to make sure that the water stain didn't come through the second time around. When I was done sanding and put the stain blocker on, the nightstand looked like this. I didn't worry too much about sanding all the way to the wood on the interior part of the nightstand because I figured the paint would cover well in that area.

Step 3

For this second color I used the Finish Max paint sprayer because it was honestly what was near me. The Finish Max provides just as nice of a finish as the Super Finish Max, however you typically need to thin the paint for the Finish Max. I loaded the Finish Max up with paint and a little water, then tested the spray pattern to get it just right before moving onto the actual nightstand. I sprayed four light coats of valspar stain finish spruce blue color on the nightsand taking about 20 minute breaks between each coat. I did not clean out the sprayer between coats, but instead waited until the nightstand was completely covered to clean the sprayer. 

Step 4

Next I had to make the knob holes a little larger with a drill so that the new dinosaur knobs would fit. I picked up the knobs at Hobby Lobby and I think they look great on the nightstand (you can find them HERE and HERE). They fit perfectly into my son's dinosaur themed room. I'm so pleased with this makeover and the factory-like finish I achieved with the Finish Max. This project was worth the extra work to get it right after my goof up. 


DIY nightstand makeover with the super finish max paint sprayer from home right

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