DIY Baby Doll Crib Makeover
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Friday, August 3, 2018

Project Steps

We love remodeling furniture so when our coworker brought in a shambled, cracked, and dusty baby doll crib we jumped right into action! The doll crib was bought at a garage sale and had obviously had a lot of use throughout the years. With a little bit of DIY magic, we made it look brand new again! Our coworker now has a gorgeous toy crib for her young daughter to use and play with. 

1. Clean the Toy Crib

We started by cleaning the toy crib with some Simple Green. This is our go-to cleaning solution when we clean furniture because it's a powerful, all-purpose cleaner that doesn't use harsh chemicals. 

With a little bit of elbow grease, we had the crib clean in no time! Having a nice, dust-free surface will ensure that our paint sticks to the crib better. 

cleaning toy crib with simple green

2. Choose Your Paint

We knew we wanted to paint the crib...the hardest part was choosing which color! We ended up choosing DecoArt's Curb Appeal Cape Cod Mint paint! 

We chose this paint because 1) The color is gorgeous 2) DecoArt paint works amazing in the Finish Max paint sprayer and 3) This is an outdoor paint so it's very durable and meant to withstand a lot of wear and tear. This is perfect since the crib will be used by a young child!

decoart outdoor living curb appeal paint

3. Paint the Crib

Once we chose our paint, we poured it into the Finish Max paint sprayer and started painting! We sprayed in the NEW HomeRight Medium Spray Shelter to help keep our surrounding area clean. There are multiple reasons why we chose to use the Finish Max rather than use a regular brush:

Firstly, The Finish Max lays down a smooth, even finish so we didn't have to worry about brush marks.

Secondly, it also made the process super quick and easy! Painting one coat on the entire crib only took 10 minutes. We waited a half hour, and then painted a second coat just for extra durability. 

Thirdly, this crib would have been a nightmare to paint with a brush due to all of the spindles and cracks. By using the Finish Max, the paint was easily able to enter all of the nooks and crannies. 

spraying a crib with the finish max

painting a toy crib

4. Allow to Dry and then Design!

We let the toy crib dry for a couple of days. Just two coats of paint made this baby doll crib look completely different! Technically, our job was done, but we wanted to go the extra mile. We decided to break out our Cricut and design a personalized saying for the crib. Since this crib is for our coworker's daughter, we decided to design a decal with her daughter's name. 

Willow cricut name design

5. Cut the Design on Vinyl

Once we designed the name, we cut it onto vinyl with the Cricut. When the design was cut, we had to remove the excess vinyl so that only the name "Willow" remained. Next, we placed transfer paper over the name and then removed the vinyl backing. After doing this, only the "Willow" letters remained on the transfer paper.

Cutting vinyl with a cricut

6. Apply Design and Transfer Paper to Crib

With the phrase on the transfer paper, we centered it on the crib and pressed it onto the painted surface. We then peeled away the transfer paper so that only the letters remained on the crib.

applying transfer paper decal to crib

7. Seal Design 

Now that the design was on the crib, the last step was to seal the design to the crib! Since this will be used by a small child, we didn't want the vinyl letters to be able to peel off or be picked away. To prevent this, we used a brush to cover the letters in a few coats of DecoArt Clear Coat.

Decoart clear coat paint

8. Give the Crib to your Little One to Enjoy!

Once the letters were sealed, we were done! We love how this baby doll crib turned out and our coworker's daughter loves it even more! It's so nice to be able to restore an old piece of furniture with just a few coats of paint. 

Painted doll crib in daughter bedroom

Painted doll crib for daughter

Doll crib makeover

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