DIY Bench Makeover with a Paint Sprayer
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Thursday, June 7, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • DecoArt Outdoor Living Paint
  • HomeRight Super Finish Max
  • Large Spray Shelter

Project Steps


One of our employees brought us an outdoor bench that was very weathered and in need of some love. We decided to use the Super Finish Max paint sprayer and the Large Spray Shelter to give it a much-needed makeover. This was one of the easiest makeovers we have done in a while. The transformation only took an afternoon.

Step 1

First, we loaded the Super Finish Max paint gun with DecoArt Outdoor Living Paint in Patio color. We purchased two of the 16 ounce containers from Amazon to make sure we had enough for the project and we used almost all of it because the bench was so dried out and just soaked up the paint.

The paint was poured directly into the Super Finish Max cup, no thinning was required. We used the green tip that comes installed on the sprayer with the black air cap to spray. We had to play with the - and + flow control to get the right spray pattern, but that took just a couple of minutes on a piece of cardboard. Once we dialed in the perfect spray pattern, we sprayed three light coats on the bench.

The bench sat for about 30 minutes between each coat and we did not clean the sprayer between coats. We simply wiped off the brass nozzle between coats. 

Step 2

The bench looks great and it is a nice neutral color to fit in with the exterior of our employee's home. In addition, we know that the bench will hold up over time since we used an outdoor living paint meant for furniture. Our employee is preparing for a graduation party this summer and this bench will make a nice resting spot for visitors.

What a difference just an afternoon and some paint made to this piece of weathered bench.

diy bench makeover with a paint sprayer

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