DIY Hanging Plant Stand with Chalkboard Sign
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Rachel Teodoro
Friday, June 22, 2018

Project Steps

The spring and summer months are the best time to whip out your gardening gloves, gather your pots and soil, and plant beautiful flowers around the yard! One difficulty we all face, however, is keeping the flowers alive. Rachel Teodoro was having this problem with her hanging, potted plants. When hanging plants are set up, it's hard to remember to water them correctly or make sure they are getting enough sunlight. Rachel came up with the perfect solution for this problem: A DIY hanging plant stand!

Before and after of handmade hanging plant stand by rachel teodoro

Rachel's husband created the plant stand from scratch by using leftover wood that was in the garage. Rachel wanted to personalize the stand even more so she painted it white by using the Super Finish Max paint sprayer! 

painting a diy wooden plant stand for summer hanging flowers

There's a reason why so many people love the Super Finish Max. This HVLP paint sprayer requires less thinning, has a larger container capacity, comes with interchangeable spray tips, and lays down a perfect, smooth finish on your surface. When the stand was painted white (we'd recommend using an outdoor paint since this will be outside), Rachel also painted the upper portion with chalkboard paint to make a chalkboard sign! 

Wooden plant stand made with the super finish max paint sprayer from homeright

Now Rachel has a gorgeous place to hang her flowers AND she has the perfect greeting sign for her visitors! For more DIY inspiration, be sure to head to Rachel Teodoro's blog. There are countless fun projects waiting to be discovered!


DIY hanging plant stand made with the super finish max paint sprayer from homeright

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