DIY Melted Crayon Pumpkin Decorating
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Monday, October 8, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • Pumpkins
  • HomeRight Heat Gun
  • Crayons
  • Newspaper
  • Tape

Project Steps

Fall has arrived and people around the country are decorating their homes with red and orange garlands, spooky decorations, and...pumpkins! Decorating pumpkins is a fun tradition for many families and while most people choose to carve their real pumpkins with fun faces, we found a new idea that we had to try out! This weekend we melted crayons on pumpkins!

This project is super simple and requires only a few materials. You'll need pumpkins, a HomeRight Heat Gun, crayons, newspaper, and tape. Although you can use fake, plastic pumpkins, we chose to use real ones (believe it or not, the real pumpkins were actually cheaper than the fake ones!). We also chose white pumpkins over orange ones so that the crayon colors would show up better. 

 Melting crayons on pumpkins for unique halloween decor

Clean Your Pumpkin

We started by cleaning the surface of the pumpkin with a paper towel soaked in warm water. Since we had real pumpkins and they were pure white, you could see every little speck of dirt! With a little bit of scrubbing, we had a nice, clean surface to work with. 

How to melt crayons on pumpkins with a heat gun

Remove the Paper From the Crayons

Next, we chose the crayon colors that we wanted to use on our pumpkin. For each pumpkin, we chose around 7-10 colors. When we had our crayons selected, we removed all of the paper wrappings from the crayons.

You can soak your crayons in warm water to make this job easier, but we went the long route and just used our fingernails to peel off the paper. 

Removing paper from crayons to make melted crayon pumpkins

Tape the Crayons to the Pumpkin

When the crayons were ready, we spaced them evenly on the top of the pumpkin and taped them to the surface. Tip: Try to have as little tape as possible on the pumpkin because when you remove the tape it might remove some of the wax that melts. 

Taping crayons to a pumpkin for a quick and easy decorating project

Fun way to decorate pumpkins with your kids

Melt the Crayons with the HomeRight Heat Gun

Now for the fun part...melting the crayons! We melted the crayons one by one with the HomeRight Digital Temperature Heat Gun set to 300 degrees. You can also use the HomeRight Dual Temperature Heat Gun for this project. 

Melting crayons with a heat gun

The crayons easily melted with the heat gun and created unique designs as the wax dripped down the pumpkin. If you're doing this project with your kids, make sure to be careful! The wax will drip and fall randomly so you should properly prepare your surrounding area.

Melting crayons on a Halloween pumpkin using a HomeRight heat gun

Fun way to use crayons this fall for your Halloween decor

Enjoy Your Melted Crayon Pumpkins!

When the crayons were completely melted, we removed the tape and we were done! The wax hardens almost instantly so our pumpkins were already ready to go outside. 

DIY fall melted crayon pumpkins full how to tutorial

At first we were worried that the wax would crack off or chip in the cold, Minnesota weather, but so far it has held up great against the elements!

Unique way to decorate a live, real pumpkin this halloween

We can't wait to see how the trick-or-treaters like these colorful pumpkins! If you don't like touching pumpkin guts or you want to try something new this fall, you will definitely like this project! Thanks for reading.  

Kid friendly way to decorate pumpkins this fall

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Fun Melted Crayon Pumpkins Made with the HomeRight Heat Gun

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