DIY Planter Box
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Larissa Haynes
Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Project Steps

Hello HomeRight readers! My name is Larissa, and Prodigal Pieces is my part of the online world where I love to offer DIY projects and inspiration to make your house your home. Today, I'm am so excited to share with you my latest experience with a new-to-me HomeRight product, the Stain Sprayer. But first, let me tell you I would never hesitate to recommend one of their tools to you. I own several of them and have rave reviews for each. For this project, I wanted a new look to my home to take my curb appeal to the next level. Enter in my latest build - a pair of planters. [planter-box-diy] These lovelies are made of box-store treated pine, and if you know that stuff, it isn't the prettiest. In order to help blend the planters into my decor, I wanted to give them a stain. However, I dreaded brushing those shaggy boards (I know I'm not alone, right?) I chose to go with a solid stain for my boxes that would compliment my faux wood garage door and stick to the rustic style I love. Though, keep in mind this sprayer also works wonders with paint. My choice of product for the sprayer is Thompson's WaterSeal Solid stain in Acorn Brown and only one coat is needed. {{happy dance!}}HomeRight Stain Sprayer

Setup is easy. The sprayer comes with a guided instruction manual how to get it ready for first use and how to clean up as well. One of my favorite features is that it has a feed tube that allows you to be able to spray at an angle. Woot!

Assembling the Stain Sprayer

If you are new to sprayers you can always grab a piece of scrap wood to practice on before you tackle your project. Simply fill the sprayer with the desired amount of stain, and be sure to wear proper protection (gloves, ear plugs, goggles, and mask or respirator). Another essential for my spray projects is my HomeRight Spray Shelter. It keeps my work area clean and assembly and take-down only takes a few minutes. When I got started using the Stain Sprayer with my Spray Shelter, I literally squealed out-loud. I had the planter on the right done in less than 5 minutes...5 minutes!! unbelievable.

Spraying with Stain Sprayer

Right then I decided to stop my project so I could show you in a video how super awesome this sprayer really is.

Stained Planter Box


Wasn't that amazing!?! I mean, just think of all the things you can accomplish in less than half the time. In the past, I have stained decks, houses, etc. and would never get it done this fast with brush and roller. I am hooked! Clean-up for this particular stain product was just some soap and water, and then oil the sprayer for storage. You can't beat the simplicity of it all - no buckets, brushes, rollers, get the idea. In a day I now have planters for both my front door and garage, and plan to make more for our patio. They are an easy build and can be finished in paint, stain, or left natural, especially when made out of cedar. DIY Planter

My goal is to inspire and I hope this tutorial has helped you ready to tackle a DIY project with the wonderful line of HomeRight products. Until next time!

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