DIY Remodeled Coffee Shop with Plywood and OSB
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Project Steps

Woodbrew is here with another amazing remodeling project for you. Their latest project: Remodeling a coffee shop wall. The original coffee shop wall was dark, cramped, and the wood didn't match the rest of the decor. Watch and see how Woodbrew changed that by using plywood and OSB for the wall and how they created brand new shelves and logos to go on top. Naturally, they used their favorite paint sprayer to get the job done...the Super Finish Max!

Be sure to also check out how Woodbrew made a wood/concrete coffee table, and how they made renovated their workshop. 

Painting with an HVLP paint sprayer to remodel a coffee shop wall

Best paint sprayer to use when remodeling a room

Remodeled coffee shop wall using plywood, OSB, and the Super Finish Max HVLP paint sprayer

DIY remodeled coffee shop project by Woodbrew

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