DIY Shoe Storage for Mudroom Makeover
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Larissa Haynes
Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Super Finish Max Extra with Blue Tip
  • Stain & Poly of Choice
  • Wood Slat Shelves for Shoe Storage

Project Steps


Anybody with shoes knows how hard it can be, at times, to keep everything organzied and clean. Our family of 8 was in need of an upgrade in our mudroom remodel. We had cheap plastic shelves to store our shoes, and decided it was time to think BIG. Thankfully, our job was done fast, easily, and on a budget, thanks to the HomeRight Super Finish Max. Come see how easy it can be!

Step 1

As you can imagine, we consider our mudroom a huge blessing. Since we live in a four season climate, a storage room like this is a must-have. However, when we first moved in there wasn't much in the way of shelving. We remedied that in our first remodel with plastic shelving, but that suited us for a time. Now, our kids have grown and so have their feet. It's blatantly evident something needed to be done.

Step 2

First, we decided in our remodel to replace our floor with hardwood flooring we had leftover from our family room remodel. (you can take a peek at where we started HERE - reveal coming soon!). It made sense to replace our flooring and make everything match. 

Step 3

Then, once the floor was complete, we set about creating our DIY shoe storage shelves. Our design is simple: we used 1"x 4" slats with a pocket joint to connect them into two pieces of a 2" x 4" ripped lengthwise.

Step 4

Okay, let's stop for a minute and visualize how loooong it would take to use a brush to not only stain these shelves, but also add two coats of a poly. We're talking DAYS. Ain't nobody got time for that, right?

Thankfully, my favorite HomeRight tool, the Super Finish Max Sprayer helped me complete these shelves in an afternoon. {{applause!!}} You can view my YouTube video on how to assemble and use the sprayer OVER HERE.

Also, I do recommend using scrap wood or cardboard to practice on to get your spray flow set to the right output. While spraying, make sure to move at the shoulder and elbow, but not so much your wrist. This allows for nice, even coverage.

Step 5

I simply filled the canister with my favorite Early American stain, attached the blue tip and black nozzle, and then applied the stain.

My shelf was stained in five minutes...yes, five minutes! The longest part of the whole process was wiping down the stain after it soaked in for another 5 minutes. Once done, I cleaned my parts with mineral spirits and got it ready for the two layers of a satin poly I am applying. You can see how quickly it was done in my video demo of our mudroom remodel HERE.

Step 6

Setup for spraying the poly is similar to using the stain. Just fill the canister, use the blue tip, and spray it on. (follow manufacturer instructions on the can of poly to see if thinning is required).

Last, I let each layer of poly cure two hours in between. However, before adding the second layer, I use a 2000 grit steel wool to rub down the wood to give it tooth for the next layer and knock down and fluffed grain. Just be sure to use a clean cloth to remove any debris from the steel wool. At last they're done and ready for installation.

Step 7

Next, it's time to install the DIY shoe storage shelves in our mudroom. As you can see, we already installed the bottom layer, and are showing the wall cleats we are using to mount the shelves.

Step 8

Also note our shelves are installed with 2" x 4" uprights for support for shoes as well as a bench. My organizing mama heart is so happy and my family can finally have the proper storage they desired.

Step 9

We couldn't be happier with the outcome of our DIY shoe storage shelves and mudroom remodel. I share more details on how we implemented more storage solutions over on my blog, Prodigal Pieces. Come take the tour and feel free to ask questions. I'm eager to help! Until next time...DIY and carry on. 

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