DIY Spring Centerpiece Using Thrift Store Finds
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Larissa Haynes
Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Small Spray Shelter
  • HomeRight Turn Table
  • Miscellaneous thrift store items - tray, candlesticks, pails, etc.
  • Spray paint of choice
  • Extras: moss, ribbon, flowers, candles - fillers for the centerpiece
  • Vintage linens, if desired

Project Steps


Spring is in the air! When this time of year comes around I'm eager to greet the season with some DIY fun. What could be better than to going on a thrift store treasure hunt (or shop your home) and create a spring centerpiece from thrifted finds...right? I like to call that #trashure. I am so excited to share with you what I created. Yay!

Step 1

Gather Your Pieces

First, to get this spring centerpiece started, I first looked for a base to begin my design. Funny thing is my junking friend had just given me a busted up wooden crate from a popular toy company. It was perfect for what I needed - small and low profile.

Next, I wanted to build up my centerpiece and create interest with varying heights. To do that I chose two candlesticks and a set of small pails. In addition, I always search out the linens section of the thrift store for tablecloths, doilies, napkins, and such. They are true treasures made with love and will give my centerpiece a cozy feeling.

Step 2

Stain and Remodel

Since my thrifted items do not have a cohesive feel, it's time for some painting fun to remedy that. One of my favorite HomeRight tools is the Small Spray Shelter along with the Turn Table. Talk about fun to use and easy to set up. It pops up where every I want it and makes my job a breeze. You can see how I've used in these past posts.

The first item to get a makeover is the wooden crate. I had to replace the bottom and that was a simple fix. Then, I wanted to darken it a bit before painting so the wood elements can peek out at the end after distressing. I've created a video tutorial for you as well, if you'd like to see it all in action.

Step 3

Paint With Color

Time for some color fun since spring is all about the bursting forth of new life. I love it! I chose a bright aqua color to spray paint the crate. Just one coat is needed since I wanted to create an aged effect.

Step 4


Finally, I used sandpaper to distress slightly and added a wash of a gray wax to create even more texture. These little steps really make a difference in the story of your centerpiece.

Step 5

Paint the Candlesticks

Meanwhile the wooden crate is curing, I move onto the candlesticks. They are too dark for my spring-like feel I'm after, so I use a flat white spray paint to brighten them up. I apply two coats, being sure to let the coats cure in between.

Step 6


When the paint has cured, I use a 150 grit sandpaper to distress it a bit to really draw out the details. Then, I use a gray wax to create even more depth. Now this set is done, and onto the mini pails.

Step 7

Paint the Pails

Time for a makeover of those mini pails. The glossy brown paint wasn't bad, but I prefer an aged look to soften it. In order to do that I begin by painting the pails a light gray color similar to galvanized metal.

Step 8


Then, after that paint has cured, I use my Square Brush to apply a dabbled coat of a darker gray paint. This will create a slight texture and depth of color for an aged appeal.

Step 9

Add Final Touches

Last, the pails also get a wash of white wax to create an aged patina similar to zinc. It softens the entire look and really creates the depth I am after.

Step 10

Put Everything Together

Finally, it's time to put our creations all together. My video mentioned above demonstrates my layering best. I begin by layering the vintage linens: lace tablecloth, topped with a large round doily, then the crate, the candlesticks and pails.

I place my potted plants in the pails and fill in the gaps of the wooden crate with sheet moss. Then, I tied bits of vintage lace trimmings on the top two pails to soften them a bit. Last, but not least, the embroidered vintage napkins make for an added layer of stoftness and color too.

Step 11


Wasn't that fun? The best part is that it is super affordable AND it can be used for any season by changing out the potted plants with candles, or even used for a utensil holder, kitchen corral for daily-grind essentials. It can even be used in a bedroom or bath to create useful decor or corral your essentials. So many possibilities with a centerpiece like this. Tell me your ideas - I'd love to hear. 

My goal was to inspire you to think outside the box store and create your own home story. No need to break the bank and it's so much more fun too. I invite you to come say, "Hi!" to me on my blog, Prodigal Pieces, where I have many more DIY projects, remodeling fun, crafts and recipes for you. Until next time!

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