DIY Towel Bar Chair Project
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KariAnne Wood
Thursday, March 3, 2016

Project Steps


Here’s the chair before.

The wood was in questionable condition and several of the pieces were cracked beyond repair.  There were scratches and dings on the piece and so I wanted to paint it after I repurposed the parts of the chair and then recover the seat cushion.

Step 1

Remove the top piece

It was held in place with screws, so we simply unscrewed the top piece at the same time.  It came out all in one piece.

Step 2

Repair the top of the chair

When we removed the top piece, the top of the chair looked a little like this.



Dinged up.

We simply added wood putty to any of the deep grooves and sanded the top smooth.

Step 3

Remove the bar and attach it to the chair

We removed the valet bar from the insert we had removed earlier and sanded the end of the towel bar smooth.

Then we screwed the towel bar in to the back of the chair.

We then applied putty to touch up any nicks.

Step 4

Removing the seat cushion

Next we removed the cushion from the chair to prepare it to be recovered.

This was a simple process because the seat cushion was attached to the base of the chair with four screws.

We simply unscrewed the cushion and removed it.

Step 5

Recovering the seat cushion

We began by removing the old fabric from the cushion, leaving the original padding intact.

Be sure and check the padding for any damage or wear and tear and replace the padding if necessary.

Step 6

We cut a square of fabric about 4 inches wider on all sides than the seat cushion.

Then we stapled the fabric in place.

It’s a good idea to start with the corners, just to ensure a good fit on the cushion.

We set the cushion aside and got ready to paint the chair.

Step 7

Paint the chair

First sand the chair lightly to make sure the paint adheres properly.

You can also add wood putty to any large gouges or scrapes.

Now your chair is ready to paint.

Step 8

We lightly sprayed the chair using the Home Right Finish Max Pro.

This is my go-to paint sprayer.  I love how easy it is to use and the clean-up is a breeze.  All you do is fill the attached container with paint (we used a paint + primer to cut down on the painting steps), screw in the container to the base, plug it in and you are ready to go

Step 9

The key to a professional finish is light even coats.

Don’t rush.  The more even the coats, the smoother your finish will be.  You also want to hold the paint sprayer at a consistent distance from the chair to ensure an even coat.

Let the first coat dry before applying the next coat.

We added three layers of paint to completely transform the chair from dark to light.

Step 10

Here’s the finished project with a close-up of the towel bar and finish on the chair.

I love how a simple repurposing project gave new life to the chair and added a little personality to the kitchen.

And now the mini-shelf on the top has a new purpose.

Step 11

Goodbye cuff links.

Step 12

Hello chalk. 

Have you ever looked at a piece of furniture from a new perspective and all of a sudden it made a lot more sense.

I found this chair at a thrift store that used to serve as a man’s valet chair.  I’m guessing from the way it’s designed, you would hang a shirt over the back of the chair and put your cuff links into small mini-shelf at the top of the chair.

Cuff links?

We haven’t seen many of those around here.

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