DIY U-Channel Shelves
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Ashley Phipps
Friday, November 16, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight Small Spray Shelter
  • Satin Black Spray Paint
  • U-Channel
  • Eye Bolts
  • Turnbuckles
  • Clothesline Hooks
  • Dry Wall Anchors
  • Drill or Drill Press with Titanium Drill Bits
  • Metal Grinder

Project Steps


These DIY U-Channel Shelves are the perfect combination of form and function.  They are easy to make and add so much style to your space!  You are just going to love how these shelves look in your space!

Step 1

The whole key to being able to do this project during the winter is the HomeRight Small Spray Shelter! This small pop-up spray shelter means that you can easily contain the overspray from spray painting so that you can paint in your garage or even in your home without worry of getting spray paint everywhere!

The weather is cold here, but my garage is still warm enough to spray paint in with the right tools.  This spray shelter is the perfect solution to spray painting during chilly winter months.

It is so easy to set up (it just pops up and is ready to use) and was the perfect size for the pieces that needed to be spray painted for this project.  

I added a piece of painters' paper to the bottom of the spray shelter and then simply laid the eye bolts, turnbuckles and clothesline hooks down and spray painted them.  

After the first side was dry, I turned them over and spray painted the other side.

I love that the cold weather doesn't mean I have to stop creating!

Step 2

While the paint was drying, I decided to use my drill press to drill three holes into my U Channel; one in each end and one in the middle of the side.  

You can use a traditional drill if you don't have a drill press, but be sure to use titanium or black carbon drill bits for this project.  You can read more about this HERE.

Then we used a metal grinder to soften the edges of the steel so they wouldn't be too sharp.

Step 3

Then you will assemble your shelves by putting the eye bolts through the holes on either side of your shelf, and then attaching the turnbuckle and clothesline hook.

Step 4

Use drywall anchors to attach the shelves to the wall.  A second set of hands is really helpful for this part of the project.  

You can read more about how we attached these to the wall HERE.

Step 5

Once the shelves are installed on your wall, you can decorate them as you want!  These shelves are really the perfect combination of beautiful and functional and I am totally and completely in love with them!

Head to my Simply Designing Blog HERE to learn more about these amazing shelves.

Even though winter weather is here to stay, that doesn't mean that all of your spray painting projects need to be put on hold!  Today I am sharing how to make these really fun and beautiful u-channel shelves that are both functional and unique.  And being able to spray some of the parts and pieces make these shelves just perfect. 

Read through this whole post to learn how to make these and then check out my tutorial on my Simply Designing blog HERE for a few more details about these Industrial Metal Shelves.

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