DIY Wood Plank Accent Wall
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Wendi Wachtel
Thursday, February 21, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer
  • Large Paint Shelter
  • Dropcloths
  • Tongue and groove wood planks, 3 1/2 x 1/4"
  • 3 colors of paint
  • Brad nailer
  • Compound miter saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Painters rags
  • Chip brush
  • Safety goggles, face mask, gloves

Project Steps


Hi friends, I'm Wendi with H2oBungalow.  I'm really excited to share my latest projct with you.  Today, I'm going to share with you how to update a plain wall in a weekend by adding a DIY wood plank wall. Check out my steps below.  If you'd like more detailed information on this project or would like to see my video on how to install a plank wood wall, check out my post at  

Step 1

Cut the Wood

Cut all the wood to 32” pieces.  I clamped a stop block onto my table as a length guide so I didn’t need to measure each piece of wood before cutting. It's a huge time saver!  


Step 2

Prepare Your Space and Paint

Prepare your painting area in a large open space.  I used two sawhorses and a board in my Large Spray Shelter.  Set up a drying space with a large drop cloth. 

I used the blue tip on my Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer to save time in applying the paint.  Each of the three colors of paint was watered down until almost opaque when applied.  You can spray unthinned paint through the sprayer, but I intentionally wanted this specific look!

Step 3

Paint the Wood Boards

Divide the wood plank boards into three piles. Begin painting with the first color and spray an even coat over the boards.  Wipe some with a rag and others with a chip brush to get different amounts of paint coverage on each board.

You’ll need to swirl the paint sprayer often to keep the paint ingredients from settling on the bottom since the paint mixture is watered down a lot.  Save time in between colors by running clear water through the Super Finish Max to quickly prepare it for the next color. 

Step 4

Prepare the Wall

Prepare your wall by marking a straight line across the wall with a level.  If you have a doorway be sure to mark a line at the same height on the other side.  You can install your wood directly onto the wall or use furring strips. Since our home is old and I was working with two different depths of a wall, I needed both to give me a flat surface to install my wood planks onto. 

Step 5

Attach the Wood Planks

Begin attaching the wood along your line.  Use a brad nailer and 2” brad nails to hold the planks in place.  Secure with a brad nail at the top and bottom of each end on the wall or where furring strips are located.

Step 6

Create a Tight Seam

Tap the wood lightly with a hammer to help get the tongue and groove pieces firmly together.  Where seams line up you’ll need to gently work the boards together. 

Step 7

Trim Boards as Needed

If your planks will transition across the top of a door, you'll need to trim them as needed to keep them level.  I used a jigsaw to trim a wood plank on this step.

Step 8

Install Boards From Floor to Ceiling

Continue installing all of the wood boards to the ceiling and floor.  Trim the top and bottom wood planks with a jigsaw to fit.

Step 9

Add Trim to the Bottom

The last step is to add trim to the ceiling and sides of the wall. Next, you'll replace the baseboards.                                                


Step 10

Enjoy the New Wall!

That's it!  Enjoy your wood wall!  I'm thrilled with how my new wood plank wall looks in my office!  I saved so much time on this project by using my HomeRight Super Finish Max Paint Sprayer and Large Paint Shelter.  

Here's a link to grab one for yourself if you don't have these amazing tools yet!

 If you 'd like to see more details and photos of this project, check out my post and video on  I share lots of ways to use HomeRight products on my blog. Click here to see a list of all my HomeRight posts and projects I've shared on my blog over the last 5 years.       

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Wendi with H2OBungalow shares how to turn a plain wall into an amazing feature wall in one weekend. Watch the video or read this tutorial for the full step-by-step details!

How to Create a Wood Plank Accent Walll for Your Home Using a HomeRight Paint Sprayer

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