Dresser Makeover with Stain and Paint
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Natalie Dixon
Thursday, September 6, 2018

Project Steps

Furniture style preferences can easily change over the years. One year you might like the farmhouse theme and remodel a lot of your furniture to match, and the next year you might want to give everything a more modern look. This is especially the case when it comes to kids wanting to update their rooms as they grow older. 

Natalie with A Turtle's Life for Me has experienced this firsthand. Her daughter's bedroom has been remodeled numerous times over the years, which means the furniture has also had to change with the style.

For example, Natalie bought a cheap $10 dresser at a garage sale for her daughter years ago, and it has already been painted two times! She recently remodeled it for the third time to match her 15 year old daughter's new bedroom. 

This was the dresser after the first remodel:

Floral Dresser Remodeled with Paint and Stain

And this was the second dresser remodel that Natalie had to work from:

Teen Dresser Remodeling with an HVLP Paint Sprayer

Strip the Paint from the Wood

As you can imagine, the biggest struggle for Natalie was removing all of the previous layers of paint. This step required using a LOT of paint stripper. To make the process even easier, you can use a heat gun to allow the paint to soften and easily fall away. 

Using Paint Stripper to Remodel a Modern Rustic Dresser

Apply Paint and Stain

Once all of the layers of paint were removed from the dresser, it was time for the easiest part...painting and staining! This step is super easy thanks to the Super Finish Max paint sprayer (you could also use the regular Finish Max). This sprayer is easy to use for beginners and experts alike and lays down a smooth, fine finish to give you flawless results every time. 

Natalie started by staining the drawers and then painted the dresser separately with Sherwin Williams HGTV Web Gray. 

Painting and Staining a Dresser for a Teen Bedroom

Apply a Sealing Coat

After a couple of coats, the dresser was complete! As a final step, you should also spray a sealer on the dresser to ensure that the paint and stain will hold up over the years. 

DIY Rustic Modern Dresser for Teen Bedroom Furniture

Allow to Dry and Enjoy! 

Now Natalie's daughter has a gorgeous dresser to match with the rest of her teen bedroom decor! For more details on this project, be sure to head to the A Turtle's Life for Me blog. 

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DIY Rustic Modern Dresser Remodel with Paint and Stain

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