Easiest way to stain a table
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Natalie Dixon
Monday, April 30, 2018

Project Steps

After a couple of months, an outdoor table can become worn, weathered, and in desperate need of a fresh stain! Natalie with A Turtle's Life for Me used the Light Duty Stain Sprayer to easily spray an even layer of stain on her DIY picnic table. 

diy picnic table stain with the homeright light duty sprayer

Natalie made this table using some reclaimed wood that she had from a previous DIY project. Here's a picture of the simple plans that she used to make the table! Once everything was assembled, it was sturdy and ready to go, but in desperate need of a stain. 

plans for a diy table

Natalie mentions how she usually dislikes staining because it can be time consuming and tedious, but once she used the Light Duty Stain Sprayer she was hooked! The sprayer provides a nice even coat to make your surface look flawless. The best part is that it's relatively mess free! Natalie didn't have a drop of stain on her hands afterwards. 

spraying with the stain sprayer

Another plus? Natalie had the benches AND the table stained in under 10 minutes! Now the picnic table is completely ready for summer. For more details on this quick and easy project, head to Natalie's blog.

freshly stained picnic table

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How to stain a picnic table to last all summer by natalie with a turtles life for me

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