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Amy Boyle
Monday, August 26, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • (17) 2x4x96 pieces of wood

Project Steps


Learn how to make a DIY garage storage rack to house your bikes, tools or other outdoor equipment!                                        

Step 1

Here are the project specifics:

4 upright legs are 2 x 4 cut to 80 inches.

Top is 2 x 4 cut to 72 inches x 2 pcs.

Top slats are 2 x 4 cut to 34 inches x 13 pcs (secured approx 2.5 inches apart)

Side slats tying legs together are 2 x 4 cut to 28 inches x 10 pcs.  (5 pcs per side. )

Supports to legs are 2 x 4 cut to 12 inches x 4 pcs (just under top 72 inch and screwed to legs.

Diagonals are 2 x 4 cut to 19.5 inches x 2 pcs (on back only, but left the option open to add them to the front.) 


We needed to make some space in our garage so we could park a car, so we built this storage shelf so that we could hang bikes underneath it and store bins of out of season items on the top. 


Above is the not pretty "before". Our garage, like most garages, is a catchall for pretty much everything--sports equipment, a lawn mower, seasonal decor, leftover paint, DIY tools and not to mention all our bikes, which we ride all the time. Even though I'd tackled this space several times to try to organize it, we still weren't even at a point where we had enough open space to park a car in it.  


 My husband found some pictures of wall bike racks on Pinterest with storage above so he set about designing a plan.

I am sure he thought it was a little overboard, but when he brought the wood home from the store I told him I wanted to make sure it looked nice so I got out my HomeRight Super Finish Max and gave all the wood a few coats of white paint.     

Painting the wood only took a few extra hours and I think it looks so much better white. Painting with the Super Finish Max is so easy, and the HomeRight Spray Shelter contains all the paint overspray. I did forget to pick up a large drop cloth, so our grass got a little bit of decoration but we're beginning a landscaping project out here this fall so I am not worried about it.  


I gave all the wood two quick coats of paint, the sprayer even allows you to angle it so you can hit the sides of the boards too all at once which made it go super fast. All in all, it took less than 30 minutes to spray, plus drying time. By the end of the day everything was dry enough to start the build. I love how uniform it looks with the boards (at least the sides that show) being painted a nice, clean white.  


My husband started by building two ladder style supports for the sides. The reason being, if we decide we no longer need bike storage, we can easily add more shelving with this design. He then constructed the top of the shelf to hold bins of outdoor gear that had been taking up space on the floor.  Bulkier items can get tucked in the back.  If you are wondering if it's bolted to the wall, it isn't. Which means we can move it or even take it with us should be move. It is plenty sturdy even without the walls supporting it.  


For now, this is where we've left off on the project but there is more to come. We ordered a rack for the wall and will hang four bikes on it underneath the shelf.


Even now with just the bikes tucked underneath we have so much more space. The garage is finally starting to come together and this part of our home is finally working for us instead of against us! We used approximately 17 2" x 4" x 96" pieces of wood and a $10 box of screws, and used leftover white paint so for less than $60 we gained all this storage. The height is just over 6' tall to accommodate our largest bike.


I definitely could have left this unpainted but to me, it was worth the extra bit of time to make it look more polished. Plenty of friends and family come and go through our garage in reality so it's not a bad thing to have it pulled together.  


We still have a few projects left to finish up this garage once and for all but in the end, it should look halfway decent for now we love having the extra space! Maybe we actually will even get to park a car it here before it snows! Visit us at 11 Magnolia Lane to see more Finish Max and other DIY projects!


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