Easy Cleaning with the SteamMachine Elite
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Amy Boyle
Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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It is the holidays, which means all the fun and festivities, but when the dust settles after the gifts are unwrapped, there is always the aftermath cleaning that needs to be done. Today I am sharing the new SteamMachine Elite, which will make any cleaning task so much faster and easier. I used it to tackle my regular cleaning and it literally cut my cleaning time in half.


Not only does the SteamMachine make fast work of pretty much every cleaning job, but it does it without harsh chemicals or toxic fumes. I am a fanatic about keeping our house as toxin-free as possible, which is another reason I love using my SteamMachine.  


The SteamMachine Elite takes water (or preferably distilled water) that heats up in about 8 minutes to a whopping 290 degrees. That high of heat will kill almost any germ that is lurking in your home, which is a great thing as we head into the peak of cold and flu season (AKA winter!).  


I started off by using the SteamMachine to clean my bathroom, which always seems to be in need of attention. The SteamMachine Elite comes with 19 accessories (and a bag/system to store them, I'll show you that in a minute). I had my bathroom sparkling in no time, between the squeegee attachment to remove the build-up on our shower doors, the floor mop that cleaned the floor in literally minutes (and dries almost instantly thanks to the high-temp steam), and the attachments that make quick work of the counters and around the toilet. My bathroom was cleaned lightning fast. It could not be easier!


Since that chore took so much less time than usual, I looked for some other things I could use the SteamMachine Elite on. My new living room curtains came right to mind. I'd hung them last week but hadn't had time to iron the wrinkles out of them so I switched over to the steamer attachment and just ran it over each panel while it was still hanging on the rod. This was much easier than taking them down to iron them!


Within minutes they looked so much crisper and wrinkle-free. 


Back to cleaning, the next item on my chore list was to clean up my kitchen.  As usual, my stove had acquired its daily patina of dirt and food build up.  


We cook quite a bit and things often get baked on and are hard to remove, especially on the grates that go over the burners.  The grates are so large and bulky that I procrastinate cleaning them, but the SteamMachine made it simple to do. I just used the spray nozzle to steam clean them right on the stove then moved them aside and cleaned the area underneath.  


What I love about using the SteamMachine is that even baked on dirt comes right off. After blasting everything on the surface with steam, I wiped it all down with the microfiber cloth (it came with the machine) to polish it up.


Next, I gave my sink a quick blast with hot steam to kill all the bacteria that builds up in there, and that left it nice and shiny and clean. You can do the same with your counters, and it also quickly cleans floors (it works on sealed hardwood, vinyl, and tile) which we all know mopping a floor is a huge chore in itself!  The SteamMachine comes with a pad attachment, no need to use a dirty mop and have water splashing everywhere. 


Once I finished all my cleaning, I stored the SteamMachine Elite away in our hallway cleaning closet and hung the storage bag up on the back of the closet door to keep all the attachments close at hand.  

Not only does this machine clean easily and safely, but it cuts your cleaning time in half--it may even be faster and it definitely makes cleaning so much easier. You can find more information about the SteamMachine Elite by clicking here. 

Please visit us at www.11magnolialane.com for more cleaning tips, easy DIY's, and home decor ideas!

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Best Way to Clean aHome Without Using Chemicals_ Use a HomeRight SteamMachine Elite Steam Cleaner

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