Easy Weekend Project: Board & Batten Trim
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Amy Boyle
Friday, February 22, 2019
Materials Needed: 
  • Hammer, paint stick, paint, nails, trim

Project Steps


The thought of DIY'ing something can be intimidating, something best saved for someone "experienced" but this project is so easy anyone with a hammer and some nails and a can of paint can do it. Of course, that being said, if you want to make your life easier--it is important to have the right tools for the job, in this case the HomeRight PaintStick and a brad nailer will make it faster and easier to knock this quick trim project out.  


A "Board & Batten" wall treatment is a super easy way to make a plain wall look finished with minimal time and effort. In fact, the construction part of this project is really easy (especially if you have a nail gun) it's the painting that can be a little time-consuming, that is why The Paint Stick comes in so handy.


We have a large mudroom off our garage, it has served its purpose well by collecting coats, bookbags, and shoes, all of which usually wind up in a big pile along the wall.  I knew I wanted to add hooks along the long wall, but with such a large expanse of wall space it needed more than just a few random places to hang backpacks. After living here for a few months, I decided some easy board and batten trim was just what the space needed.  


I picked up pre-cut 5' boards at Home Depot. However, I underestimated the space I'd want between the boards and did wind up grabbing two more pieces (which is why there are two boards on the wall that weren't painted ahead of time--oops!). This project was pretty easy since I didn't have to cut down any of the boards, keep in mind that if you don't have a saw usually the store will make cuts for you at no cost if you have your measurements. I thought the boards were just about the right height so I didn't have to make any cuts in this case. Having done this project before, I knew it would be much easier to paint the trim before putting it on the wall. So the first thing I did was to paint all the trim at once with the HomeRight Paint Stick. This was so easy!  

 I actually set my timer once I had things set up and ready to go and it took less than TWO minutes to paint all the trim, how easy is that?!? I even screen captured it for you to prove it!  


The HomeRight PaintStick (the Mini PaintStick is pictured below) is such a great tool for painting. It holds extra paint in the handle so you don't have to stop constantly to add paint to your roller.  You also don't have the mess of pouring paint or using rolling pans so it makes painting go so much faster. 

After I painted the top of the trim, I lifted them up to roll paint on the sides so they were entirely covered in paint before I started construction. Once my boards were all painted and ready to go, I measured the walls one more time to be sure, then I laid all the pieces out and attached them temporarily with clear tape so I could see how they looked. 


A quick way to figure out your spacing for this kind of project is to total up the total width of all the trim you have (I had 8 boards at 2.5" each, so 20"), then measure your wall (in my case it was 10 feet). So I subtracted the 20" of trim from the 120" of wall space and was left with 100 inches. That I divided that by 7 (the number of gaps you have with 8 boards with one on each end) told me I should have 14 inches between each one. I measured that out and then used a level to be sure each vertical board was straight.  


We used a brad nailer to quickly tack everything up, but you can easily do this with a hammer and nails, you'll just get a bit more of an arm workout :)  


Once everything was up, I set about caulking the seams between the boards and the wall with a regular trim caulk. Once the caulk was dry, I gave the walls another coat of paint using my paint stick and everything started to look so much better.  I wanted a uniform look for the trim and the wall, so I rolled over everything with a quick coat of paint. 


Don't be afraid to tackle a small project like this. It's the perfect update that you can knock out in a weekend and adds so much polish to an otherwise empty space. 

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Quick and Easy Board and Batten Wall For Your Home Using a HomeRight Paint Roller


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