Fall Cleaning: The Fastest Way to Clean a Microwave
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Katy Lyle
Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight SteamMachine 53

Project Steps

Whether it's spring or fall, it's always a good time to clean! With the holidays rapidly approaching, I know the kitchen will be getting a lot of use. So this is the perfect time to start cleaning it, especially the microwave!

How to clean a microwave and oven by using steam

The fastest and easiest way to clean a microwave is with HomeRight's SteamMachine. There's no chemicals or scrubbing needed, and it gets those tough spills cleaned in seconds.

Steam cleaning a dirty microwave with the HomeRight SteamMachine

To get started you will need the SteamMachine Model 53 from HomeRight. Next, you'll need to attach the straight adapter and the nylon brush. Next, fill up the SteamMachine with water and let it warm up.

HomeRight SteamMachine Steam Cleaner

While the SteamMachine is warming up, wipe or vacuum up any excess crumbs from the bottom of the microwave. Then, once the orange light is off you're ready to start steaming. I started with the top and worked my way down, even cleaning the glass plate.

Best steam cleaner for cleaning inside microwaves, ovens, sinks, and more

The top or ceiling of the microwave was by far the dirtiest; with layers of baked on splatter it was due for a deep cleaning. In the past I've tried scrubbing with no luck on some spots, but with the SteamMachine it instantly came off.

Best way to clean the inside of a dirty microwave

The SteamMachine Model 53 from HomeRight it the best cleaning tool to thoroughly sanitize. It's also the fastest way to clean a microwave!

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If you're still interested in the SteamMachine, be sure to read about how it can clean beds, couches, ovens, bathrooms, and more! 

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Fall Clearning-Learn how to steam clean a microwave by using a chemical-free steam cleaner

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