Fall Cleaning with the SteamMachine
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Christy Black
Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Materials Needed: 
  • HomeRight SteamMachine
  • Cleaning Supplies

Project Steps


Fall is right around the corner, and the holidays follow fast on its heels. Since this is the time of year that we transition back to indoor living, I always like to do a thorough deep-clean of my home to make sure that everything is spic and span.  

I like to keep things as natural and easy as I can, so I tend to use my own DIY home cleaning recipes {see them here} along with my HomeRight SteamMachine. I'm able to keep my house clean and sanitized without lots of chemicals.

Learn more about the incredibly versatile SteamMachine {here}, or shop for your own {here}.

Step 1

The SteamMachine is so useful in the kitchen. Its 290° steam is hot enough to sterilize every surface, from countertops to floors.  

Add the wire brush attachment to clean the ring of gunk from around the faucet of your kitchen sink and scrub grout lines in tile floors and backsplashes.

 If you have baked-on goo in your microwave or oven, the SteamMachine knocks that out in seconds. I even use mine to clean my coffee maker, which always seems to need it desperately.  

Step 2

Using the power of steam to clean a bathroom is a no-brainer, since this is one of the germiest and dirtiest areas of the house.  Just like in your kitchen, you can use the SteamMachine to clean your faucets, countertops, tile, and grout.  

If you have glass shower doors and hard water, then the SteamMachine will clean soap scum and hard water stains off your doors in no time {read more about this process in this post}.  

If nasty gunk has accumulated around the bottom of the toilet, the jet nozzle cleans and sterilizes every nook and cranny.  

Tile flooring and wall tiles in the shower can be deep cleaned using the large cleaning brush attachment to remove dirt and grime.  Follow with the chenille mop pad and the brass utility brush for scrubbing grout, and your tile will look new again!

Step 3

In the bedroom, the SteamMachine cleans grime and dust off of baseboards using the jet nozzle followed with a wipe down with a cleaning rag.  Mattresses, furniture and pillows can be steamed to kill dust mites.  

I try to wash my drapes twice a year, but I can't stand ironing them after they've been washed. The SteamMachine knocks wrinkles out so I don't have to iron, and for my nicer sets that are dry clean only, it takes the place of an expensive trip to the dry cleaner. Don't even bother to take them down--just steam them on the rod!

In the closet, the SteamMachine is a perfect clothes steamer for fabrics that can't tolerate being ironed.

Step 4

My living room cleaning checklist includes steaming furniture and pillows to remove spots, stains, and odors. I also use it to spot clean rugs; we have pets and kids and it seems like there's always something to clean up!  

In the fall, I like to use the SteamMachine to tackle the dust and grime on our vinyl window blinds. The drapes are next, followed by the baseboards, and then we're ready for company!

Step 5

Last but not least, I thought I'd mention the most obvious use for a steamer--to remove wallpaper!  During the fall months, I'll often take on several home improvement projects to get our home ready to host guests for the holidays, and one year, that project list included removing dated wallpaper. I couldn't have done it without my HomeRight SteamMachine. {Read more about removing wallpaper using the SteamMachine here}

I really do use my SteamMachine throughout the house, and love how versatile and easy to use it is. To read about more of my favorite uses for the SteamMachine or to enter our most recent giveaway for your very own SteamMachine, visit me at 11 Magnolia Lane.

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Fall Chore Cleaning Checklist with the HomeRight SteamMachine Chemical Free Cleaner

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